5 Fast Growing Trees ...

If you’re looking for some trees to plant along the property line that will provide a windbreak or give you a bit of privacy, then you probably would like something that grows quickly. Here are 5 fast growing trees that are excellent choices for places in your yard where you want some coverage as soon as possible. Some of the following trees can be trimmed and kept short to resemble hedges, if you’d rather have those along your property line instead.

5. Siberian Elms

Although most people use these trees as hedges, they can grow to be up to 45 feet tall. They are also drought resistant and thick enough to block out strong gusts of wind. Siberian Elms can be successfully grown in zones 4 thru 9. Their fall foliage turns a gorgeous reddish purple, making them an attractive privacy fence.

4. Hybrid Poplar

Poplars are known for their speedy growth and the Hybrid Poplar is no exception. Perfect for growing in zones 3 thru 9, this type of poplar can create a thick windbreak in less than three years. By the time 5 years have passed, these poplars are large enough to provide shade for your home as well. Hybrid Poplar trees are drought and salt tolerant.

3. Canadian Hemlock

This evergreen has extremely graceful foliage in a blue-green hue. Perfect for growing in zones 3 thru 7, this tree grows up to 3 feet each year and will even grow in a shaded area. If you don’t wish to allow this tree to grow to its full height of 70 feet, it can easily be trimmed to give it more of a hedge appearance.

2. Thuja ‘Green Giant’

White cedar is another name for this giant tree, but it isn’t related to cedar trees at all. A Thuja tree can grow at least 3 feet each year and top out at 60 feet in height. These grow best in zones 5 thru 8 and stay green all winter long, since they are an evergreen. They are also deer, disease, and pest resistant, as well as very low maintenance.

1. Weeping Willow

The weeping willow grows between 8 to 10 feet each year. It doesn’t necessarily need a moist environment to thrive, since it will also grow well in dry locations. The long graceful branches are covered in blue-green leaves during the summer, which then turn to gold during the autumn.

I hope you can find a fast growing tree on this list that suits your needs. What is the fastest growing tree you’ve heard of?

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