7 Best Potted Plants to Consider Having in Your Home ...

The best potted plants in my book are the ones that don’t need a lot of pampering to look good and can tolerate being forgotten for a few days without getting all “Look at me, you mean lady! I’m dying! Do you feel bad now?” Do you often have the feeling that plants start sagging just a bit more whenever you walk into the room? Well, you definitely know what I’m talking about! Fear not, we mean ladies get to have potted plants for indoors, too! Take a look at these suggestions below and choose the best potted plants for your home today.

1. Bromeliads

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These fancy-looking tropical plants seem like something only experienced gardeners or those lucky folks with green thumbs can master, right? Well, the real truth is that they are actually considered to be best potted plants for just any home! They will adapt to their environment super fast, can tolerate a bit of drought, don’t need to be fertilized all that much and will continue to have beautiful leaves even if you forget to water them here or there!

Expert tip: Bromeliads can survive even in shade! If you can’t provide a spot with a lot of natural light, refrain from watering the central cup as it may cause fungus and bacteria growth and kill your plant. Water the soil instead and worry not – this gorgeous plant will soon get used to this new way of feeding.

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