7 Best Potted Plants to Consider Having in Your Home ...

By Jelena

7 Best Potted Plants to Consider Having in Your Home ...

The best potted plants in my book are the ones that don’t need a lot of pampering to look good and can tolerate being forgotten for a few days without getting all “Look at me, you mean lady! I’m dying! Do you feel bad now?” Do you often have the feeling that plants start sagging just a bit more whenever you walk into the room? Well, you definitely know what I’m talking about! Fear not, we mean ladies get to have potted plants for indoors, too! Take a look at these suggestions below and choose the best potted plants for your home today.

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1 Bromeliads

Bromeliads These fancy-looking tropical plants seem like something only experienced gardeners or those lucky folks with green thumbs can master, right? Well, the real truth is that they are actually considered to be best potted plants for just any home! They will adapt to their environment super fast, can tolerate a bit of drought, don’t need to be fertilized all that much and will continue to have beautiful leaves even if you forget to water them here or there!

Expert tip: Bromeliads can survive even in shade! If you can’t provide a spot with a lot of natural light, refrain from watering the central cup as it may cause fungus and bacteria growth and kill your plant. Water the soil instead and worry not – this gorgeous plant will soon get used to this new way of feeding.

2 Peperomia

Peperomia Available in a few different, very beautiful varieties, this interesting foliage plant definitely is a good choice for an inexperienced gardener! Its decorative leaves are hard to miss yet it doesn’t need a lot of space and can be grown as a small potted plant. It doesn’t need a lot of light either, which gives you total and utter freedom in your interior decorating choices and, best of all, grows best when not watered excessively!

Expert tip: This gorgeous plant has a dark side, too! It’s toxic when swallowed and therefore not suitable for homes with small children or plant-eating pets.

3 Cornstalk Dracaena

Cornstalk Dracaena Well, before I elaborate any further, let me just point out that even folks at NASA think Dracaena is the best potted plant for anyone’s home! Why? Because it filters toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and toluene, making your home a much safer place. Hear that, nail polish junkies? Get yourself this stalky foliage plant right now! Maintenance will be a piece of cake, too, because you’ll need to water it only when you notice the soil is completely dry and will be able to grow it in rooms with both medium and bright light.

Expert tip: Don’t let your plant grow too tall! Chop it down occasionally to keep the desired length and get the plant to sprout extra lush leaves.

4 Peace Lilly

Peace Lilly Lush green leaves and interesting white flowers – Peace Lilly will be a perfect addition to your shabby chic home! It’s one of NASA’s favorite potted plants for indoors as well, meaning that easy maintenance is not the only reason to choose it. This gorgeous flowery plant is best kept in low light and should be watered about once a week or when the soil gets a bit dry.

Expert tip: Keep Peace Lilly away from pets and small children as it may cause allergic reactions when ingested.

5 Snake Plant

Snake Plant Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, this decorative tropical plant is perfect even for small homes and is literally a living, not to mention way better-looking, equivalent of plastic flowers! Seriously, you can just plant it, put it somewhere and forget about it! It doesn’t need a lot of light and can even make it through the whole winter with just a watering or two!

Expert tip: Over-watered snake plant is not doomed to rot and die – that’s another trait of this super resistant plant! Let it be until the soil is good and dried before you water it again and it will continue to make your home beautiful for seasons to come!

6 Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo Looking for something green but unusual? How about a plant that doesn’t need a pot to grow in? Opt for a Lucky Bamboo – one of those rare plants that can grow anywhere, including offices! All you need is a vase, some pebbles and distilled water and, ladies, won’t this be a perfect solution for a modern home?

Expert tip: Do not fertilize your bamboo too often! A drop every other month or so will do! Stop fertilizing and move the plant to a shadier location if the leaves start turning yellow and it should be back to its usual self in no time.

7 Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm Perfect for staircases and large homes – if you love the idea of having an actual tree in your home, a ponytail palm is the best potted plant for you! Its interestingly-shaped trunk acts as a storage space for moisture and nutrients, allowing the palm to survive even if not watered regularly and giving you a chance to enjoy a holiday away from home and not worry about your precious plant.

Expert tip: The larger your pot is, the bigger your palm will grow! Give it enough space until it reaches the size you like, then move it into a pot that’s only a tad bit larger than the base of the trunk.

Any other great potted plants for indoors to consider? What are your favorites? I’m a bit of a sucker for ficus plants despite the fact they are kind of old fashioned and remind me of my grandma. Should I get one?

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What kind of dirt do u use to repot the pony tail palm?

Wish this had pics.

What kind of soil do u use to repot the ponytail palm?

Pics would be nice :)

How come i can't open this page?

Don't plant the bamboo in the ground! My house has had bamboo in the backyard ever since I can remember. My moms been on a mission to get rid of it but its impossible to kill. It spreads easy and can basically only be dug up. Just be careful with that one!

That's why I went on hoping to see dome pictures of theses plants never heard of some. I'm the nail polish junkie so definitely I getting that one. ;-)

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