Plants That'll Bring Pollinators to Your Garden ...

By Eliza

Plants That'll Bring Pollinators to Your Garden ...

If you’re into gardening then you know that you need bugs that will pollinate to make your yard the best one on the block. Whether you’re new to planting or you just want to enhance what you’ve already got going on, knowing how to attract pollinators will go a long way toward getting you where you want to be. Here’s what to plant to bring those pollinators right to your garden.

1 Liatris

Liatris Wildflowers are great for attracting pollinators like bees and butterflies. It blooms purple and is really beautiful. The plant is a perennial, so it will come back every year, allowing you to plant once and enjoy forever. This is a flower that is especially attractive to butterflies so you’ll encourage pollination in your yard and get to enjoy some pretty butterflies at the same time.

2 Hollyhocks

Hollyhocks Hollyhocks are great for getting hummingbirds to come to your yard. They transfer nectar from place to place, helping you pollinate through your yard. The great thing about hollyhocks is that you can plant them along fences or your house where they’ll grow up and provide a wonderful backdrop for all of your flower beds. You might also like planting hollyhocks at the back of your veggie garden for visual appeal.

3 Marigolds

Marigolds Not only are marigolds really pretty with their red, yellow and orange colors. They are perfect for planting in your vegetable garden because they help enhance the growth of many kinds of veggies. I like to hang them on the fence around my garden to encourage pollination and to make the space look prettier.

4 Sage

Sage Sage is an herb that you can use to attract bees to your garden and that you can cook with. The herb pairs wonderfully with chicken so you’ll find several uses for it in the kitchen. At the same time, bees love sage so you’ll also bring them to your yard so that you can get pollination going in your space.

5 Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree If you have the space and want to plant a tree in your outdoor space, a cherry tree is the perfect choice. They are well known as being great for attracting bees so that you can encourage pollination in your garden and yard. I have a cherry tree and you don’t have to worry that you’ll be overrun with bees. You’ll get them, but it won’t be a large number of them.

6 Fennel

Fennel Plant some fennel in your veggie garden and you’ll attract pollinating butterflies to your yard. Fennel is great in salads and cooked and served with chicken or fish. It has an intense flavor so you don’t need a lot. You might also notice that your other plants start doing really well when you have fennel planted in your yard.

7 Petunias

Petunias I love petunias and they are pretty easy to grow in many parts of the country. They come in all colors so you can blend them in with the other plants you have in the garden and yard. I like to scatter pots of petunias around my garden to encourage butterflies and bees to come to my garden and pollinate. What’s your favorite color of petunia?

Do you plant a garden every year? What will you be planting this year? Are you planning to add any of the plants on this list?

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