Gardening Tips for Small Spaces ...

By Heather

Gardening Tips for Small Spaces ...

Are you looking for some tips for gardening in small spaces? Design aspect is the first, most important rule of gardening in small spaces. Many people live in locations where they do not have much space to work with but have an incredible love of gardening. Maximizing the small spaces around the area that you live in can help optimize your gardening capabilities. Your space may be limited but your imagination can launch a green, colorful fantastic garden leading to year-round outside fun.

A few ways of making the most of your backyard can drastically improve the area for the better. Based on the type of season, you can plant a variety of flowers and even vegetables to achieve the look that you desire. Here are the best tips for gardening in small spaces.

1 Grow Vertically

Growing vertically is the most important rule of thumb when gardening in a small space. Save space for other things by growing up. You can use small tables, and even milk crates to stack pots with tall plants on them, building yourself a nice corner space with vertical plants growing up toward the sunlight. This is one of the best tips for gardening in small spaces.

2 Create a Visually Pleasing Area

Remember to stack your plants from the tallest in the back to the smallest in the front. Differentiate your color schemes by rows. Repetition of color can bring unity to your small garden. Add a small stone path leading to a small outdoor table and chair.

3 Utilize Window Ledges to Grow

If you are living in a space where you can build small window boxes, you can dress up those areas, drawing your eyesight even farther up to the sky. These areas are great for growing sun-loving plants such as strawberries, inpatients, periwinkle and more.

4 Design Your Own Tree Orchard

Pick a corner where you can pot dwarf trees, fruit trees, and tall flowering plants, growing a variety of lemons, apples, beans, and more.

5 Organize Your Own Backyard Herb Garden

Utilize a variety of pots to grow your own herb garden. Herbs are widely used for many different methods. They can add an abundant amount of fragrance to your backyard also. Basil grows tall and adds a sweet scent. Peppermint grows and multiplies faster than most plants, providing a great scent, with the ability for you to utilize it in teas and other recipes, in addition to creating a border to guard your herbs against certain types of bugs.

Remember, whether you live in an apartment or a home, or any other place, you have the ability to develop your own private space with gardening tips and tricks without damaging the area and aggravating your landlord. You can create a flourishing small garden area that you can benefit from throughout the year!

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