7 Herbs You Should Be Growing Yourself ...

By Heather

7 Herbs You Should Be Growing Yourself ...

With all of the different herbs out there, how do you know which herbs to grow yourself that will be easy for even the most inexperienced gardener? Well girlies and guys, this is your chance to figure out what herbs to grow yourself and which ones are going to be amazing for you to grow! So, you ready to explore some of the top herbs that you should plant in your herb garden this year?

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1 Thyme

Thyme By far, one of the best herbs to grow yourself this year is all about thyme. Now, I use thyme on so many different dishes and just imagine that you can pluck a few sprigs out for yourself to throw onto your chicken or into a steak dry-rub! How cool would that be? Thyme is super versatile and it's oh-so-delish!

2 Rosemary

Rosemary Another amazing herb that you can grow yourself and that is super easy to maintain is rosemary! Rosemary is something that I use in my prime rib recipes all of the time!. All this little herb needs is some sunlight sometimes, water and watch it grow!

3 Mint

Mint Growing mint is something that is surprisingly easy and truthfully, you can use mint in so many things! If you've got a stomachache and you are growing your own mint, just pluck a few leaves and chew on them, you'll instantly start to feel better. How cool is that? You can actually grow this indoors too, because it doesn't get crazy big. Just a little pot of mint on the window sill looks so cute!

4 Basil

Basil Who doesn't love basil? This little herb, when it is fresh, it is oh-so-delicious! It's one of those herbs that I honestly can't live without and it's so easy to grow – you can actually grow it right inside without any problems at all. Just make sure that you put it in a window so that it can get some light too. Imagine just plucking a few of the leaves off and throwing them in your best tomato sauce, how sweet and delicious would that be?

5 Parsley

Parsley Parsley is something that I use all of the time, however I never, ever noticed the difference when you grow your own! There are a ton of different types of parsley, so you'll really have to think about which variety that you'll want to grow. Curly is my favorite!

6 Sage

Sage Another fantastic herb that you can grow yourself is all about sage. Now, I actually love sage and did you know, when you burn it in your home, wave it around a bit, you are cleansing your house? You are ridding your home of all of the spirits and anything evil? How cool is that!

7 Lavender

Lavender Finally, lavender is something that is very easy to grow and it can be used in so many different ways! If you're looking for a way to relax, this is the herb for you! If you are looking for some way to settle uneasiness inside of you, drink some lavender tea! It also smells amazing.

So girls and guys, these are just a few of the herbs that you can grow yourself and that are super easy! Have you ever started an herb garden? They are fun!

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I grow Rosemary , lavender, several variations of thyme, mint, sage and chives

Wow! I will definitely grow lavender in my garden :)

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