7 Herbs That Are Easy to Grow Indoors ...

I love using fresh herbs in my recipes, and was excited to learn that there are herbs that are easy to grow indoors. Fresh herbs add so much flavor to food, and although not usually thought of as beneficial for health, they have many health promoting qualities, which is all the more reason to plant these herbs that are easy to grow indoors. Although the herbs I am going to talk about are not very demanding when it comes to care, there are a few basic tips that can help your indoor herb garden thrive. When you plant your herbs, only plant one type of herb per pot, and give them ample room to grow. If you follow these simple instructions, you should have no trouble growing these culinary herbs.

1. Basil

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I tried to grow basil about 5 years ago, and despite this being one of the herbs that are easy to grow indoors, I was unsuccessful. I have learned that my black thumb was a result of choosing too small a pot. So, if you have a larger pot you should do well. There are many varieties of basil, but Spicy Globe Basil and African Blue Basil are particularly suited for indoors. Growing basil is a wonderful way to have fresh basil for pesto at hand all the time. Also, basil is full of vitamins and minerals and is even anti-inflammatory, so, you can feel good about adding fresh basil to your meals.

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