9 Fabulous Plants for a Winter Garden ...

By Alison

9 Fabulous Plants for a Winter Garden ...

There is no shortage of plants for a winter garden. Of course, it depends very much on the severity of winters where you live. Plants that can withstand relatively mild conditions won't cope in a Canadian winter (or the conditions experienced in Jan 2014 in some Northern Hemisphere countries). However, these are some lovely plants for a winter garden …

Table of contents:

  1. snowdrop
  2. cyclamen
  3. winter pansies
  4. winter jasmine
  5. polyanthus
  6. clematis
  7. blue beargrass tree
  8. cornus
  9. winterberry

1 Snowdrop

The name suggests that these are ideal plants for a winter garden. These delicate little flowers look delightful when peeking out of a lawn. Plant enough of them and you'll have a snowdrop carpet - wouldn't that look stunning!

2 Cyclamen

You may have cyclamen as houseplants, but they will also bloom outside if the winter is mild. They come in various shades of purple, pink and white. Variegated leaves add some more interest (leaves of different colors) to the delicate little flowers.

3 Winter Pansies

You're probably used to seeing pansies in summer beds and baskets, but there are also several varieties bred for winter. What better way of bringing color to your garden? You can also plant winter varieties of violas, which look like a miniature pansy.

4 Winter Jasmine

Winter jasmine has pretty little yellow flowers that bloom throughout the winter season. It is a good choice for winter color if you have a wall or fence that you'd like to cover, and can also be trained up a frame. Make sure you pick a winter variety, as other types of jasmine are not hardy.

5 Polyanthus

Polyanthus are ideal if you want masses of color, as they come in lots of different hues. Your flower beds or pots can be filled with pink, purple, yellow, red and white, and there are also varieties with more than one color. Polyanthus are a perfect choice for winter.

6 Clematis

If you thought that the clematis was only for warmer weather, think again. There are several varieties that can cope with even fairly cold winters. So if you have a sheltered garden, plant a clematis (they don't appreciate exposed conditions).

7 Blue Beargrass Tree

Here is a winter plant that brings some much-needed color to the garden - but not because of its flowers. Foliage and berries are another way of introducing color to a winter garden (birds and other wildlife will also appreciate the berries). The blue beargrass tree is a native of Mexico, and as the name suggests has striking bluish leaves. It also has a fun name!

8 Cornus

Cornus is also known as dogwood (quite why I don't know), and is definitely worth having in a winter garden. They have striking red stems, which will give a gorgeous flash of color. Plant alongside green foliage for a strong contrast.

9 Winterberry

The name sums up this striking plant. Winterberry sheds its leaves in winter, but as compensation offers up gorgeous bright red berries. Plant one of these, and not only will you have color in your garden, but the birds will enjoy a feast. So then your garden will be even more colorful!

Winter gardens don't have to be dull and dreary. A careful choice of plants can add color all year round. There are so many that flower in winter, and with foliage and berries your garden will stay looking stunning no matter which season. What makes a winter garden perfect for you?

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