Which Flower is "your" Flower ?

By Andrea

Which Flower is "your" Flower ?

Ever wondered which flower suits you best? Whether you're designing your wedding bouquet, decorating your house, planting, or just smelling them, here's how to know which flower suits you best.

1 Daisies (My Personal Pick)

flower, daisy, cut flowers, daisy, plant, Are you simple but elegant? Daises grow among wild weeds, but man they are beautiful! They are perfect for matching any decoration plan. They are for those ladies who love simplicity and beauty all in one!

2 Sunflowers

sunflower, flower, flowering plant, plant, sky, These are what I call "the happy flower". There's something about driving down the road beside a field full of tall sunflowers just makes you feel happy. Am I right or not?

3 Tulips

pink, flower, magenta, finger, hand, They're the best landscape flower. So many different color tulips to choose from. They add fun and cuteness to your yard!

4 Roses

flower, pink, rose, flower bouquet, cut flowers, Pretty, pretty, pretty! Is all I got to say. Just kidding. I have tons of things to say about these PRETTY flowers. They are so so sooo elegant; perfect for tattoos or your loved one.

5 Magnolias

flower, plant, pink, flowering plant, rose family, This is Mississippi and Louisiana's state flower, PLUS it holds such a beautiful name! This "southern flower" is a genius as it appeared before the bees! If you are a soul that wants to leave a mark forever, pick the flower that will never stop existing!

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