9 Easy Plants to Grow for the Novice Gardener ...

By Alison

9 Easy Plants to Grow for the Novice Gardener ...

Choosing easy plants to grow is a good place to start if you´re new to gardening. Trying to cultivate plants that are fussier about conditions is best left to those with experience. Instead, pick some easy plants to grow, and you´ll be thrilled at the results. So here are some plants for novice gardeners to try growing …

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1 Spider Plant

Spider plants are among the best plants for novice gardeners. You can grow them in pots during the summer – they look specially great in hanging baskets, surrounded by flowers. They´re also easy to grow indoors, and before long you´ll have lots of “babies”, which you can separate and pot up, or leave to grow on the parent plant..

2 Geraniums

Geraniums are a common sight growing in pots on balconies in Mediterranean countries. They love sun, so with very little effort you can have a colourful display of flowers. A mass of red geraniums looks lovely, so grow as many as you have space for.

3 Busy Lizzies

Also known as Impatiens, busy lizzies are colourful little flowers that grow really easily. They look fantastic in hanging baskets and tubs. You can also plant them in flower beds or grow to a large size indoors. Try sowing a packet and see what happens!

4 Sunflowers

Sunflowers really couldn´t be easier to grow – just plant the seeds in the ground, and sit back and watch (remembering to water them, of course!). They´re really god for encouraging children to take an interest in gardening , as they grow fast, and you can have competitions to see whose grows the tallest!

5 Marigolds

Marigolds are very easy plants to grow. Like sunflowers, they´re also fast growers, so if you´re impatient for a colourful garden you won´t have long to wait! Try planting them in containers with non-flowering plants for a great contrast.

6 Mother-in-law´s Tongue

The mother-in-law´s tongue is presumably thus named because of its sharp leaves! Its name may be rather unfair to the nice mothers-in-law of this world, but if you want an easy plant do try this one. Just be careful not to over-water it, and it´ll grow happily in most conditions.

7 Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are not only easy plants to grow, but their fragrance is gorgeous! All they need is some support, such as a “wigwam” of canes. Picking them helps encourage more flowers, so if you like cut flowers growing sweet peas is a great way to ensure a constant supply for your home. They´ll also be appreciated as a gift.

8 Pansies

Pansies are one of my favourite flowers. They come in so many colours, and are so cheerful with their colourful outside and contrasting centre. Masses of pansies look wonderful filling a flower bed, and they also grow well in pots if you only have a patio or balcony.

9 Rubber Plant

If you like plants without flowers, then the rubber plant is a good choice- especially if you want an easy plant to care for! Like the mother-in-law´s tongue, be careful not to over-water it.The plants of this category (ficus) are all really easy to grow, so try any of them if you´re new to gardening and houseplants.

There are lots of easy plants to grow that will make your home and garden look stunning! Don´t be put off by your lack of experience, as everyone has to start somewhere. Try growing these easy plants, and you´ll soon gain more experience and confidence. If you´re into gardening, can you suggest any fuss-free plants for novice gardeners?

Top Image Source: secretgardenkent.co.uk

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