10 Perfect Plants for Hot Climates ...


10 Perfect Plants for Hot Climates ...
10 Perfect Plants for Hot Climates ...

Finding the right plants for a hot climate is essential – your garden won´t flourish if you fill it with plants that are better suited to a cooler climate. But fear not, you can still have an amazing garden if you choose plants for a hot climate. So what are the best plants for hot countries?

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This is a really obvious choice of plants for a hot climate, but what could be better? The cactus is designed to cope with desert conditions, and can cope happily with very little water. Plus you can get flowering cacti, so you needn´t miss out on colour!



Do you think that you can´t have colourful annuals in a hot climate? Think again! There are lots of annuals that can happily cope with hot conditions. Others, like the beautiful red salvias, will do well providing they are given plenty of water.



Who doesn´t love the cheerful sunflower? If you have kids, get some sunflower seeds and start them on a growing competition! It´ll be good for them to learn how to care for plants as well as they´ll have to keep watering their sunflowers if they want to win!



People in colder countries often grow yucca plants as house plants. If you live in a hot country, you can also grow them outdoors. And considering how tall yucca can grow, you could end up with some pretty big specimens in your garden!



We used to grow dahlias in the not-very-hot UK, so I was surprised to find out that they are also suitable plants for hot countries. The great thing about dahlias is that they come in such a huge variety of colours and shapes – so you can have beautiful cut flowers from your own garden (just watch out for earwigs!).


Aloe Vera

You may be familiar with aloe vera gel from your local drugstore or health food store. It is fantastic for treating burns and skin problems. But if you live in a hot country, you ca grow your own plants and have access to 100% pure gel! Just break off a piece of the leaf when you need it and use the gel inside.



Many people in hot countries grow geraniums, and it´s very common to see masses of them in pots on balconies. Of course they´ll need quite a lot of water, but water them during the cooler hours of the day so that the sun doesn´t just burn off the moisture.



Bougainvillea is one of the most beautiful plants for hot countries. I see it growing everywhere in my part of Spain, and the rich purple flowers look so attractive. It loves to have something to climb up, so is ideal for a wall.



The eucalyptus is common in Australia, which is not exactly known for its mild climate! So it´s ideal for your garden in other hot countries as well. The eucalyptus can grow as shrub or tree, so you can find one to suit all gardens. It also has extraordinary flowers.



Herbs can actually thrive in a hot climate, but you have to pick carefully. Some, like coriander, don´t do well, but there are plenty that do. Choose varieties that can cope with the hot weather, and you´ll have an aromatic garden with fresh herbs for your cooking!

If you are moving to a hot country and you love your garden, don´t despair. You may not be able to grow the same plants that you grew at home, but with a careful selection of plants for a hot climate, you´ll have a fantastic (if different) garden. The key is to adapt your thinking and not try to plant exactly what you would at home. Can you recommend any plants for hot countries?

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