7 Expert Tips for Fresh Flowers ...

By Kati

7 Expert Tips for Fresh Flowers ...

What are your top tips for fresh flowers? It’s undeniable that a bunch of fresh, colorful flowers make any room look better, and they boost your mood too – but keeping them alive can be a serious challenge. From expensive flower foods to crazy Pinterest tips, the world of fresh flowers can be a baffling one! Here are the top tips for fresh flowers I’ve found to keep them looking their best.

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1 Gorgeous Green…

How do you pick a bunch of flowers? While most people pick up colorful combinations, or just reach for their favorite blooms, there is a better way. The top tips for fresh flowers involve choosing a healthy bunch, and that really couldn’t be easier. Simply check out the foliage, and make a decision based on the health of the leaves. Perky, green leaves have a lot of life left, while droopy yellow leaves are towards the end of their bloom. Avoid bunches that show no foliage at all – the leaves have been stripped to stop you from seeing them.

2 Local Lovelies…

Flowers don’t make great passengers. In fact, the further a bunch of flowers has travelled, the shorter its lifespan is. For a healthy bunch of flowers that is sure to last the distance, shop local blooms. Not only are they likely to have been grown nearby, and therefore not travelled far at all, but many florists have great deals too.

3 Rejected Roses…

Roses sell by the thousands around Valentine's Day, but they are actually pretty poor quality. Not only are roses not in season, meaning they are unlikely to bloom properly, but they are mass-produced to be cheap and just survive the day. Swap roses for bright tulips, which are in season and will look great.

4 Let the Plants do the Talking…

Making your own flower arrangement is great fun, but it can seem daunting too. Avoid going overboard with a variety of expensive flowers, and instead create a unified look by sticking to one color palette. I’ve got a selection of various cream flowers punctuated with bright red berries at the moment. It looks great with my décor!

5 Follow up Care…

When you buy your flowers, ask how they have been looked after up to now. Good florists will be happy to share their care regime, and help you to keep your flowers looking great. Don’t forget to add a sachet of flower food if they came with one, and keep the tricks (such as a splash of Sprite in the vase) until the flowers really need it.

6 Keep Them Clean…

To keep your flowers looking fresh, change their water frequently. Use a clean vase, and add room temperature water. Change every other day. If you don’t want to mess up a particular arrangement, try holding the stems in place while you flush the water out. Don’t use hot or cold water – extreme temperatures will kill your flowers off faster than anything.

7 En Masse…

Create a striking yet simple look by displaying the same plant in large numbers. Most vases can hold a number of flowers, and simple plants look amazing displayed in this way. Simply choose your flower, such as babies breath or tulips, and display thirty all at once. Stunning. It also lets you preen to remove any dying plants easily!

Keeping plants alive can be a challenge, but these tips for fresh flowers are sure to have your blooms looking good for a while yet. A beautiful bouquet is a great way to boost your mood and really enjoy the start of Spring, so what are you waiting for?! Oh, and if you’ve got any flower tips, I’d love to hear them!

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