31 Stunning Backyard Pools to Enhance the Look of Your Home ...

By Eliza

31 Stunning Backyard Pools to Enhance the Look of Your Home ...

Backyard pools are a great way to increase the value of your home, while also making your entire yard even more wonderful. A pool is a great place to get in a workout because swimming burns calories and builds muscle. It's also fun to have pool parties and just lounge around relaxing by the water. Check out these backyard pools and I think you'll want one of your own.

1 Big and Little

Big and Little Via Infinity Pool San Antonio TX ...
I love the look of backyard pools that have a small separate space. Use if for a hot tub or just an adults only pool.

2 Underwater Stools

Underwater Stools Via Get in my backyard: 10 ...
You wouldn't even have to get out of the pool to have lunch if you put these stools in your pool.

3 Shallow Area

Shallow Area Via Swimming Pool Accessories - Pool ...
This very shallow area gives you a great place to put chairs or for little kids to play safely.

4 Green Color

Green Color Via Poolside Paradise
Most backyard pools look blue, but the green color of this one looks more natural and fun.

5 Natural Pool

Natural Pool Via 2009 Home Improvement Challenge: Outdoor ...
This swimming pool looks like it was already there. It's cool, don't you think?

6 Add the Slide

Add the Slide Via Portfolios | luxurypools.com
You can't go wrong by adding a slide to your pool. It's fun and makes it look even more stunning.

7 Swimming Pool with Home Theatre

Swimming Pool with Home Theatre Via 31 Of The Coolest Things ...
What? Everyone would want to hang out at your house if you have one of these.

8 Above Ground Pool with Deck

Above Ground Pool with Deck Via Awesome Above Ground Pools — ...
This looks really elegant and simple, but it works really well.

9 Waterfalls

Waterfalls Via Swimming Pools
These little waterfalls add fun and a relaxing noise to your pool, but kids will love playing in them too.

10 Don't Forget the Shade

Don't Forget the Shade A nice shady spot by your pool gives you a cool place to relax and rest.

11 Eco-Friendly Natural Swimming Pool

Eco-Friendly Natural Swimming Pool Via 10 Eco-Friendly Natural Swimming Pools
This is really different, but you'd get lots of compliments if you put it your backyard.

12 Traditional Design

Traditional Design Via trenhome.com
This pool has a more traditional design, but it still looks wonderful.

13 Right outside the House

Right outside the House Via The pool slide makes a ...
You wouldn't have to go very far to jump into this pool, would you?

14 Like the Beach

Like the Beach Via 23 Breathtaking Natural Swimming Pools
I love how you could step right into this pool like you were walking into the ocean.

15 The Perfect Chaise Longe

The Perfect Chaise Longe Via The perfect chaise lounge chair ...
If I sat down here, I think it would pretty hard to make myself get up and return to normal life.

16 Lap Pool

Lap Pool Via Weekend Inspirations - Two Thirty-Five ...
This lap pool looks great, but is also functional as a way to get some exercise.

17 Super Fancy

Super Fancy Via Luxurious Residential Pools to Dream ...
Can you imagine having this in your backyard?

18 Another Natural Swimming Pool

Another Natural Swimming Pool Via Natural Pools Are Making a ...
This is so fantastic! I'd love to look outside and see this everyday.

19 Dramatic Water Wall

Dramatic Water Wall Via Home Inspiration: Pools
I'm not sure what would happen if you went over the side, but this pool is definitely unique and totally awesome!

20 Fun Hangout

Fun Hangout Via Gallery - Inground Swimming Pools
This would be the place to be. Your kids and all their friends would want to hang out here.

21 Build a Pool House

Build a Pool House Via YouKnowItBaby - Swimming Pool Maintenance ...
A pool house is a great place to get changed before and after swimming. Plus it looks really cool too.

22 Poolside Table

Poolside Table Via Enter a Swimming Pool's Oasis
A poolside table is the perfect place to lay out snacks or a meal without having to go back inside.

23 Wide Deck

Wide Deck Via How to Close an Inground ...
The wide deck near this pool gives you lots of space for chairs or towels.

24 Elegant

Elegant Via Suzanne Kasler at Home in ...
This is definitely the type of pool I'd want in my backyard.

25 Small Backyard Pool

Small Backyard Pool Via Spruce Up Your Small Backyard ...
Just because you have a small backyard doesn't mean you can't install a pool back there.

26 Attached Deck

Attached Deck Via Backyard Swimming Pools and Small ...
I like how this pool is attached to the deck so you can move around easily.

27 With a Bar

With a Bar Via Pool house
Make your backyard pool even more fancy with a swim up bar.

28 Light It up

Light It up Via 2010-2011 Dream Garden Awards
Add some lights to your pool so you can go night swimming.

29 Simple Design

This pool is pretty simple, but it blends so well in this backyard.

30 Epic Slide

Epic Slide Via trustyslandscapingandremodeling.com | Postris
Doesn't that slide look like fun?

31 With a View

With a View Via Amazing Swimming Pools | HomeAdore
I would love to live here. I'd never get out of the pool.

Do you have a backyard pool or do you just dream of having one? What kind of pool would you love to have?

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