7 Incredible Ways to Absolutely Transform Your Cement Backyard ...

By Fawn

7 Incredible Ways to Absolutely Transform Your Cement Backyard ...

If you have a cement backyard, odds are you want to transform your cement backyard. My boyfriend's very narrow backyard is all cement and it's a pretty odd shape, so this summer we set out to transform it into something colorful and usable (especially since he has a dog). It gave me some great ideas and tips on how to help you transform your cement backyard into something usable and beautiful!

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1 Add Color

Add Color If you have an all cement backyard, add some color with patio furniture. I hate when I see a beautiful white patio set on a gray slab, it just makes everything look so bland. Instead of all white, add some color with either bright cushions or a fresh coat of paint! And, it doesn't just have to be all one color! You can paint all of your chairs a different color, or different shades of the same color to transform your cement backyard!

2 Add Grass or Astroturf

Add Grass or Astroturf My boyfriend has a dog that he loves and he also had an unusable corner of his backyard that needed a little bit of sprucing up, so we made a "porch potty" of AstroTurf for his pup. It was raised a little off of the ground and has a really nice border that makes it look like a little framed grass area. It both adds color (and an element of interest) and it's practical for when he wants to let the dog out in the middle of the night! In all, the most expensive part of the whole operation was the AstroTurf. So, if you're just adding a this for a patch of color, consider building a frame (like an adjusted raised flower bed), filling it with dirt and planting grass!

3 Stain/ Paint the Cement

Stain/ Paint the Cement Cement is something that can be painted or stained AND, if your cement backyard is smooth, you can actually stain it to look like hardwood (which is super cool). But,if you have a textured cement backyard, you should consider painting your slab a color and then rolling on a darker shade of the same color with a roller just to add a little something extra and more interesting!

4 Add Natural Elements

Add Natural Elements Another way to really make an all cement backyard a little more interesting is to add a lot of natural elements. For instance, if you take a very shallow box and fill it with sprawling plants, you can hide the edges of the box and place the ground cover randomly on the back patio. That will give you the look of plants pushing their way through the cement, giving you plant life and a movable decoration.

5 Play up the Cement

Play up the Cement If you don't want to make changes to your cement, you can also make it interesting by playing it up. Add all cement planters, add a cement flower bed, add cement trim to your fence. All cement isn't a bad thing if you know what to do with it and really highlighting the fact that it's all cement can be very chic and modern if it's done right.

6 Add Cool Ground Lighting

Add Cool Ground Lighting The coolest lighting that I have ever seen in a backyard was in an all cement back yard, and although the person that did the lighting said that it was a little hard, it was very cool. Basically, they filled a couple cinder blocks with solar lights and then drilled holes in the cement so that little tiny twinkles of lights were coming out. It was beautiful and something that you don't see everyday. I personally loved it and thought that it was well worth all the effort that the person who made it had to put in.

7 Add Flower Beds

Add Flower Beds I love flower beds on cement, even though you have to really work hard to keep wooden flower beds from rotting on cement. But, the color that they add is really worth it, and flowers in a backyard are a must!

Well ladies, these are the things that I think transform an all cement backyard into something much more beautiful. What are some ways that you have transformed your all cement back yards? Let me know down below!

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