9 Superfoods You Can Grow in Your Own Garden ...

Among all the elite superfoods from across the world you hear about, there are also plenty of superfoods you can grow right in your own garden. If you think I’m kidding, I promise you it’s not too good to be true! The word, “superfood” simply refers to a food that holds special properties which can give your health an extra boost (or two) to maximize your nutritional gains. Sure those exotic, foreign berries we all adore are fabulous, but let’s not forget about many humble superfoods you can grow in your own garden too! Spring and summer are the perfect time, so plant a few of these superfoods you can grow in your garden, and don’t worry - they’re a cinch to care for!

1. Cilantro

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Cilantro is an absolute must of all the superfoods you can grow in your own garden. Cilantro is one the most detoxifying greens of all vegetables, and it’s exceptionally high in chlorophyll; even more so than spinach.

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