7 Awesome Advantages of Growing Your Own Vegetables ...

By Alison

7 Awesome Advantages of Growing Your Own Vegetables ...

Why should you grow your own vegetables, you may ask, when you can easily buy them at the supermarket or greengrocers? Besides, you need a garden! Well, there are a lot of advantages to growing your own vegetables yourself, and even a balcony can be used to grow some lovely fresh veggies. Here are some excellent reasons to try growing your own vegetables …

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1 Taste

One of the best reasons to grow your own vegetables is that nothing tastes as gorgeous as veggies fresh from the garden! Commercially grown produce just doesn´t have the same flavour as the homegrown version. Try a tomato bought in a store and then compare it with a homegrown tomato – you´ll really see the difference.

2 Nutrition

Homegrown vegetables are much more nutritious than store-bought ones. Vegetables grown through intensive cultivation are bred for high production yield, not for flavour, and by the time they reach the store have lost a lot of their nutritional value. How often do we complain that an apple has no flavour? It doesn´t have much in the way of taste either, so grow your own produce and eat tasty, nutritious vegetables.

3 Exercise

Tending a vegetable patch is actually pretty good exercise! Growing your own vegetables takes quite a bit of effort – think of all the weeding and digging you have to do! It´s a good way of getting a free workout though, not to mention being rewarded for your efforts by lots of tasty veggies.

4 Straight to the Table

Many people who grow their own vegetables consider that the best aspect of doing so is being able to go into the garden and pick some veggies fresh for cooking. All they need to do then is wash and prepare them, and enjoy their own produce straight from the garden. So instead of having to plan a menu, they can improvise and use whatever´s growing in the garden!

5 Organic

Organic produce may be more desirable from a health point of view, but it is beyond the budget of many people. When you grow your own vegetables, you can be sure that they have been cultivated without the use of pesticides. So growing your own is a great way of getting organic veggies without spending a fortune!

6 Cheaper

Have you noticed how the price of fruit and vegetables has shot up lately? Growing vegetables is one way of reducing your food bill, as well as bringing all the other benefits. For the price of some packets of seeds, plus some of your time, you can have lots of delicious veggies and save yourself money into the bargain.

7 Satisfying

Growing your own vegetables is also an extremely satisfying process. Not only can you enjoy the actual cultivating, but growing veggies is advantageous for all the reasons I´ve listed above. Saving money is on everybody´s minds these days, plus you know that you will be feeding your family tasty vegetables that are full of nutrients. Isn´t that worth the effort of growing them?

Growing your own vegetables is really worth the effort if you have some free time. Whether you have a large garden, an allotment, or just some pots on a balcony, everyone can grow some gorgeous vegetables that will be full of flavour. Have you ever attempted to grow your own vegetables but not had any success, or would you love to but don´t have the time?

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