7 Vegetables to Include in Your Garden ...

If you are planning to plant a garden this summer, there are several easy to grow vegetables to include in your garden. I haven’t planted a vegetable garden in quite a few years, but when I did I enjoyed watching the plants grow and couldn’t wait to taste the fresh, home-grown vegetables. The flavor is always so much better. Also, planting a vegetable garden is a great way to save money. A tomato plant is only a couple of dollars, and it produces around 10 pounds of tomatoes. Those of you who are new to gardening shouldn’t shy away from planting produce because this list of vegetables to include in your garden includes vegetables that are very easy to care for.

1. Tomatoes

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Some of the easiest vegetables to grow are tomatoes. I realize tomatoes are technically a fruit, but since they are often treated like a vegetable I am letting the technical classification slide for now. Planting tomatoes is extremely easy. You can buy a small plant at any nursery, so you don’t have to worry about starting seeds. However, you can plant heirloom tomato seeds for a special treat. Because tomatoes tend to be disease resistant they do not require a lot of care, but they do need stakes to support them as they grow. Since they are so easy to care for, tomatoes are fantastic vegetables to include in your garden.

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