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If you’re new to gardening, don’t be intimidated because there are many plants that are easy to grow and maintain. When you’re first starting out, it can seem like a little bit of a struggle to find which plants will work best for your budget, time, and your skills. Luckily, there are some wonderful plants out there that do the work for you with just a little watering and some love! Make things easy on yourself and pick up these plants that are easy to grow and maintain. Some of them are even goodies that you can invite into your kitchen for your meals too!

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Herbs Herbs are one of my favorite plants that are easy to grow and maintain of all. Herbs such as basil, cilantro, parsley, oregano, mint, and thyme are all incredibly simple to plant and hardly any require much care. Buy the seeds at your local store, and opt for organic if you can to avoid GMO seeds or pesticides. Also, plant them early, around mid-March or after the last frost outdoors. You can also grow them indoors year round. It’s best to start them off in a small pot, or the container they come with. Just plant them in around 3 inches of soil, watering only once a week to start, or as directed on the package. When the sprouts start to come up, leave them for a couple more weeks, and then transfer to a larger pot. Never plant the seeds more than one to two inches under the topsoil so they don’t get buried, which may slow their growth. Herbs can be grown all year round, and are great to keep on the kitchen window. Not to mention, they save you tons of money in your culinary adventures!



Carrots I planted carrots a few years ago with no experience doing so in my life, and they turned out great! Just plant the seeds as directed on the package, and water occasionally, about once a week. In no time, you’ll see carrot tops start to sprout, which you can eat in soups, stews, etc. Carrots do take a while to pop up, so plant them as early as possible, right after the last frost. They usually take until August to start to come up really well, though the tops will come up as early as June or July. Also be sure to plant them in moist, even soil, since rocky, dry, and uneven soil can result in curvy or odd-shaped carrots. Obviously, they’ll still be completely delicious, but will look a little deformed!



Cucumbers Another wonderful and easy plant to start now is cucumbers. Cucumbers are one of the easiest fruits to grow. Yes, they’re a fruit! Cucumbers need nothing more than some water once a week, or more in dry locations. They grow on a vine on the ground, so opt to place them on a trellis, or simply keep a watch out for bugs and pests that are attracted to plants that are closer to the ground. Also, be sure to wait until after the last frost to plant them or they won’t perform well.


Black Eyed Susan

Black Eyed Susan This beautiful daisy-like plant is one of the easiest and prettiest to grow. Black Eyed Susans are void of pests and diseases, and need hardly any maintenance at all.



Hosta This is one of my favorite plants to grow, and it makes for a beautiful curb appeal to stand in for a bush or shrub. Hostas are one of the easiest plants you’ll ever grow. They don’t need any care except for water and aren’t prone to pests. Just be sure they don’t get full sun and have a little shade.


Elephant Ears

Elephant Ears I adore these plants! You might have seen them but have never heard them called this before. Their official name is Caladiums. They’re long leaf-shaped plants that look like huge elephant ears. Some come in white and pink varieties, while others are more green in color. They’re best grown in partial shade and partial sunlight, and the blooms last about 5 months out of the year. If you know someone who has one of these, you’re in luck! These plants are easy to transfer and maintain their blooms quite well during a location transfer. If you know anyone who has them that are willing to share a cutting, that’s all you need to start your own!



Tomatoes There is nothing like getting your own tomatoes out of your back yard every summer. They taste better than store bought for the most part, and they’re so much cheaper! I like to buy organic seeds since tomatoes are on the Dirty Dozen list. Just be sure to use organic soil and fertilizer too. Tomatoes are much like cucumbers and do best if placed on a trellis since they grow on a vine. Generally, tomato plants yield a lot of tomatoes and the fruits can easily be chopped or frozen for when winter arrives and you start craving soups and stews!



Daisies Plain daisies are another incredibly easy flower to grow. Much like Black Eyed Susans, they need very little care, and do best when watered about once a week unless you get a lot of rainfall. Daisies prefer sunlight, and morning sunlight is best over afternoon.


Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers Another veggie to love that you’ll want to plant in your yard this year is bell peppers. You can buy starter plants at your local gardening store so you don’t have to wait as long for the plants to pop up as when growing them from seed. Grow them the same as you would tomatoes. They generally yield a good crop per plant as a bonus.

To me there’s nothing better than walking outside and picking your own produce! I also love looking at plants in the yard without having to tend to them too much. Do you grow herbs or other plants in your home or kitchen?

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Very useful article and nothing beats the pleasure of splurging on home grown fresh organic produce. I have a veggie patch with a healthy produce that I am proud of. To add to the list I would suggest growing betroots, eggplant, green chillies, spinach leaves and spring onion. They are very easy to grow for starters and yield a good produce with time n care. Bell peppers grow beautifully and so does the tomatoes

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