7 Best Gardening Investments to Make That Make a World of Difference ...

By Heather

7 Best Gardening Investments to Make That Make a World of Difference ...

If you’re into gardening, consider a few gardening investments that will make the world of difference in your gardening experience. Using cheap tools might be less expensive, but won’t get you very far in the long run. Certain gardening investments can help your garden thrive, and help you enjoy your gardening experience much more efficiently.

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1 A Wheelbarrow

A Wheelbarrow This is one of the best gardening investments you’ll ever make. Most people don’t realize how much they’ll actually use one until they buy one. You can tote anything you want around your yard in a wheelbarrow, from soil to tools, plants, and more. Plus, they’re easy to prop up and can really make a difference to keep you from walking back and forth to get supplies.

2 A Tin Watering Pail

A Tin Watering Pail For small plants, be sure you get a good watering pail, preferably one made of tin or stainless steel. Plastic can develop holes and tears easier, and the spouts are usually too big, which over waters the plants. Instead, opt for a small tin watering pail, which should have small holes, so you can control how much water goes in. Using a hose pipe on small plants can drown them, causing them to die.

3 A Good Hose Pipe

A Good Hose Pipe Don’t you just hate when a hose pipe gets a hole in it? I do! It makes for such a stressful situation, plus it costs a lot in water expenses. Invest in a good hose pipe, not one of those you find at the dollar store! A good hose pipe will last you a long time, and will hold up well outdoors all year round. If you need suggestions, ask a professional at your home and garden store.

4 A Hose Pipe Corral

A Hose Pipe Corral Another top investment to make for your hose pipe is a corral to keep it in. You can buy a complete crate that holds your hose pipe, or a circular ring that helps it stay in shape. Both are good options. Getting a good hose pipe corral will help prevent your hose from harsh weather, keep animals from chewing on it, and just generally make it look nicer in your yard, because it won't be lying around, jumbled up in knots.

5 Good Gloves

Good Gloves As a gardener, your hands do all the work. Make sure they’re well protected with some good gardening gloves. These should be secure on your hands, and made of a thick material. Don’t buy gloves that are loose or thin. Having good protection on your hands can keep them healthy, and prevent them from irritation.

6 A Good Hand Shovel

A Good Hand Shovel Be sure to invest in a good hand shovel or trowel. It should have a handle that is rust-proof, as well as a comfortable grip. Don’t buy one without a thick gripping handle, and consider ones that have ridges, because they enhance the gripping process. Thin shovels that have cheap plastic handles will slip and slide, and won’t last very long. Make sure the shovel is also nice and thick on the tip. This ensures it won’t bend and break later on. These shovels are great for small jobs and you’ll be surprised just how much you’ll use it for a host of gardening tasks.

7 A Large Shovel

A Large Shovel Last, be sure you invest in a larger heavy duty shovel. Don’t buy those plastic ones you see on sale! I know how tempting that might be, but you’ll regret it later! Buy a heavy duty shovel, and get one that is the right height for your height. Otherwise, it will be too tall to handle and you won’t be able to control it well. There are many different shovels to choose from, but whatever you do, make sure you get a good one. They’re worth every penny!

These are just a few suggestions for gardening investments that I have seen make a huge difference over the years. Do you have any favorites, if you garden? What’s been the best gardening investment you’ve ever made?

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love these posts ! please please .. more on gardening please :) x

It's funny, I knew these things but a reminder is always good. Just wrote these notes down in my gardening journal for future reference. Great job Heather.

The best post on gardening, i ever see in my life. Excellent Job...!!!

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