7 Tricks to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer ...

By Lauren

7 Tricks to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer ...

Being presented with a beautiful bouquet or picking blooms straight out of your garden is such a treat, and it’s even better when you know some tricks to make cut flowers last longer. Sadly, blooms fade so quickly when they are removed from their roots, but you can make cut flowers last longer if you try some of these helpful hints.

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1 Use Soda

Use Soda A vase of fresh flowers will definitely brighten up a room, but not so when those flowers wither. One of the simplest ways to make cut flowers last longer is to use a mixture of water and soda. Just mix ¼ cup of soda (a clear soda is best – like Sprite) into the water and pour this mixture into the vase. The soda contains sugar that will help cut flowers last longer.

2 Hair Spray

Hair Spray Interestingly, you can keep cut flowers in good shape just by using hair spray. A spritz of hair spray will help preserve your cut flowers as effectively as it helps keep your hairstyle in place. A quick spray on your bouquet or arrangement from a foot's distance will do the trick – be sure to spray well on the undersides of petals and leaves.

3 Vodka

Vodka The simple rule to keep cut flowers fresh is to provide them with proper nourishment and take steps to keep bacterial growth minimal. A few drops of vodka will do the trick for you. Vodka, or any other clear spirit for that matter, will keep water clean of bacteria – use a teaspoon of sugar to improve the effects. Keep changing the vase water regularly.

4 Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar You can keep cut flowers fresh with the help of apple cider vinegar. Mix a couple of tablespoons of apple cider with at least 2 tablespoons sugar in the vase water. To prolong the life span of your flowers, keep changing the water every couple of days with a new solution containing sugar and vinegar.

5 Aspirin

Aspirin One of the most effective ways to make cut flowers last longer is to give them a dose of aspirin. The trick is simple: just add a crushed aspirin in the vase water before you put your flowers in it. This method works quite well for roses, but is equally effective for other cut flowers as well.

6 Bleach

Bleach Did you know one of the answers to the question how to make fresh flowers last longer is to use bleach? ¼ teaspoon of bleach to 1 liter of water is a suitable environment for your flowers to survive. You may also consider adding 3 drops of bleach and a teaspoon of sugar to vase water to inhibit the growth of bacteria that destroys your flowers.

7 Sugar

Sugar Sugar will help keep your flowers fresh and perky. Mix two tablespoons of white vinegar and three tablespoons of sugar into a liter of warm water. Put the solution into a vase, enough so that the flowers are standing in it to a depth of 3-4 inches. The sugar will provide your flowers with the nourishment they need and vinegar will stall bacterial growth.

I hope you try some of these ways to make fresh flowers last longer. Please let us know how they worked for your beautiful blooms. And, do share your own tips and tricks in the comments.

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As a florist I can tell anyone reading this that these are old wives tails. In theory they sound like they will work e.g bleach to keep the water clean. But bleach will kill the flowers. Sugar makes them open too fast, causing them to die faster. Hair spray stops the petals/leaves being able to breath. Hair spray is good for a flower losing it's petals that you want to keep intact and dry out to keep. ONLY FRESH CLEAN WATER EVERY 2 DAYS WILL KEEP YOUR FLOWERS ALIVE. CUT STEMS EVERY 2 DAYS ALSO.

can't read the full sentences w/ iPhone also

me too I can't see the full sentences... not a big fan of the new app...

This article sounds great since I love cut flowers, wish I could read the rest...

@aline not a fan of the new app too!

I can read it just fine

I used crushed paracetamol with my tulips after reading this and their stems strangled themselves, flowers closed up and started loose their colour in the tips :(

all of the above is with everyone' thy are trying. to improve aws but it's all a mess for a while now dnt know if writers are aware we can't read full articles? shame!!

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