9 Best Things to Compost for Your Garden ...

By Heather

9 Best Things to Compost for Your Garden ...

If you’re an avid gardener, chances are you already know many of the best things to compost for your garden, but for those of you who are new to gardening or composting, hopefully this list will help you out. Composting is not only great for the environment since it makes use of common food waste, but it also provides organic fuel for your soil and plants. The best things to compost include many everyday food scraps but there are also many other things to compost that might surprise you. Just be careful - not everything is “compost material” so to be safe, stick with the best things to compost so your plants can look their best!

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1 Juice Pulp

Juice Pulp Juicing has become quite the health trend these days and juice pulp is actually one of the best things to compost. Just save your pulp scraps in a Ziploc bag and keep it in your fridge so it doesn’t start to smell and then use to fertilize your soil with it at the end of each week.

2 Egg Shells

Egg Shells Any egg lovers out there? Great news - egg are good for you and your garden! Using egg shells to fertilize soil is one of the oldest tricks in the book since they contain many vitamins and minerals the soil can use as prime fuel for plants.

3 Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds No need to toss those messy coffee grounds in the garbage – plants love the organic acids coffee contains. The pH balance (acid vs. alkaline balance) makes a tremendous difference between your plants thriving or starving. Coffee contains just the right amount of minerals and acids that help your plants grow faster and look healthier. Who knew plants love their cup of Joe each day too?

4 Tea Bags

Tea Bags Along with coffee, toss your old tea bags or loose leaf tea grounds into your compost pile too. The nutrients in herbal and black tea are very nourishing to Mother Nature and to you!

5 Lawn Clippings

Lawn Clippings Mowing the lawn? Good for you! Just don’t toss those lawn clippings, they make wonderful food for the soil. It’s pretty awesome that you can recycle just about everything nature gives you, including those stubborn weeds and grass cuttings.

6 Cooked Rice

Cooked Rice Okay, so you don’t have to cook up a bunch of rice to feed to your plants but if you have any leftovers, don’t toss them! White, brown, or black rice are all great options depending on which ones you love and use.

7 Peanut Shells

Peanut Shells Peanut shells and most all nut shells are also great to compost due to certain nutrients they contain. Plus, buying nuts in their shell is actually cheaper than buying them shelled so you waste less all the way.

8 Bread Crust

Bread Crust If you’re all about crustless sandwiches, then put those crusts to use by composting them! Soil loves most any type of grain so don’t worry about what type of bread to choose. Though sprouted grain is best for you, your plants aren’t too picky!

9 Date Pits

Date Pits Making homemade energy bars? Don’t spend the extra few dollars to buy pitted dates - pit them yourself and put those pits to use! Just slice the dates open with a knife, pull out the pit and you’re done!

Some of the worst things to compost include cooking oil, walnuts, dead plants, and most baked goods since these things contain certain toxins and spoil easier than some of the items above. It’s never a good idea just to toss anything into your compost pile. Most things should be fine but for a complete list of things to avoid, visit the resources below. Do you compost and if so, what do you compost with?

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Make sure you crush your egg and peanut shells first or they'll take ages to decompose.

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