46 Fun Ideas for Your Little Flower Garden ...

By Eliza

46 Fun Ideas for Your Little Flower Garden ...

Outdoor flower gardens are a great way to add visual and curb appeal your front and back yard. Flower gardens are pretty easy to maintain and add lots of color and beauty to your outdoor living space. Check out these fun outdoor flower gardens to inspire you.

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1 Spilled Flowers

Spilled Flowers Via 35 Creative Backyard Designs Adding ...
One of the cutest ideas for outdoor flower gardens is to make your flowers look like they are spilling from a container of some sort.

2 Tiered Flower Beds

Tiered Flower Beds Via NJ Real Estate - Custom ...
Create these sectioned flower beds for a lovely place to grow plants, flowers and even vegetables.

3 Solar Lights

Solar Lights Via 25 Garden Bed Borders, Edging ...
Add solar lights to your flower beds to highlight them when the sun goes down.

4 Small Spaces

Small Spaces Via Flower Garden Ideas
Don't be afraid to cram a bunch of flowers into a small space. You can't go wrong!

5 Outdoor Bench

Outdoor Bench Via Services
Use some stones to create a nice seating are in your flower garden.

6 Simple Color Pallete

Simple Color Pallete Via Leaf it to me ~ ...
This visual appeal of the purple flowers matched with the greenery brings this garden together.

7 Cute Decor

Cute Decor Via A Cute and Quirky Flower ...
Add some personality to your flower garden with some fun decor items.

8 Use Containers

Use Containers Via Great Containers for Gardening
If you have limited space, consider creating flower gardens in pots. These are also a fun way to fancy up your patio.

9 Height Considerations

Height Considerations Via Flower garden plants
Plant the tallest flowers in the back and work your way down so you can see everything you plant.

10 Add a Fountain

Add a Fountain Via Beautiful Flowers, Plants,Trees .
Any type of fountain adds appeal. The sound of the water is relaxing and the presentation can't be beat.

11 Wooden Gate

Wooden Gate Via Great Garden Gate Ideas
This wooden gate adds just the right touch of rustic and whimsy to your flower garden.

12 Pink and Green

Pink and Green Via Fabulous Fall Flower Containers
I love how the pink and green play so well off each other in this flower arrangement.

13 Flowers around Trees

Flowers around Trees Via Patterson Maker
Surround your trees with flowers for an interesting look.

14 Go Big

Go Big Via Best White Flowers for Your ...
A few bigger plants add appeal and fill in space in your flower garden.

15 Unique Ideas

Unique Ideas Via ~ 09-16-13/Curcuma Ginger Flowers #5~
Consider incorporating some not to common flowers to give your garden its own uniqueness.

16 Lots of Pink

Lots of Pink Via 2015 Top Flower Garden Ideas ...
This large amount of pink makes this flower garden something to look at.

17 Single Flowers

Single Flowers Via Best Purple Flowers for Your ...
Fill your flower beds with one kind of flower for a unified look.

18 Small Bushes

Small Bushes Via Simple Handmade original flower garden ...
Mix in some small bushes to help your flowers pop.

19 Old Stuff

Old Stuff Via Muriellesgarden.com
This old wood and these old wagon wheels are the perfect backdrop for your plants and flowers.

20 Ferns

Ferns Via flower container ideas
I love how ferns make the best blank slate for adding flowers.

21 With Fence

With Fence Via Lavender, purple, pink toned perennial ...
Plant flowers near your fence to give the area color and life.

22 Tree Stumps

Tree Stumps Via Google Images
These old tree stumps are the perfect place to put pots of flowers.

23 A Path

A Path Via 23 Amazing Flower Garden Ideas ...
The neutral colored path really gives the flowers a chance to stand out.

24 Up the Fence

Up the Fence Via Flower Garden Designs Beautiful Flower ...
Grow clumps of flowers up your fence to hide it.

25 Tall Flowers

Tall Flowers Via Garden Flowers in May or ...
There's something elegant about the tall flowers in this garden.

26 A Bench

A Bench Via Flower & Garden Ideas
The bench is the perfect place to switch out your flowers based on the seasons.

27 Get Close to the House

Get Close to the House Via Flower Garden Ideas, Perennial Flower ...
Grow flowers right up to your house for a fun effect.

28 Ground Cover

Ground Cover Via Victorian Garden Decoration Ideas - ...
Use ground cover like these white flowers to fill in gaps between your bulbs and plants.

29 Pretty Pots

Pretty Pots Via Gift for Grandpa - Personalized ...
These pots add color to your garden and also disguise the pole.

30 Dramatic

Dramatic Via BeAutiful BaCKyaRds
The stonework really adds a classy look to this garden.

31 Coordinated Colors

Coordinated Colors Via southernsprouts.com - southernsprouts Resources and ...
Coordinate your house colors with your flowers for a fantastic look.

32 Stone Wall

Stone Wall Via Gardening
The stone wall separates the flower garden from your grass.

33 Add a Pond

Add a Pond Via Aged and Gilded (Palazzo-Interiors & ...
This pond is the perfect complement to your greenery choices.

34 Something Different

Something Different Via The DIY Balcony "Flower Bed" ...
Flowers growing in this old bed is just one unique aspect you can add to your flower garden.

35 Lots of Color

Lots of Color Via Gardens
There's nothing wrong with incorporating tons of color into your flower gardens.

36 Handmade Decor

Handmade Decor Via Handmade original flower garden ideas. ...
These cute birdhouses add lots of appeal to this small flower garden.

37 Lead the Way

Lead the Way Via gardening for the love of ...
I love how this flower garden guides the way to the front door.

38 outlined

outlined Via beautifulgardendecors.blogspot.com
Outline your grassy area with flower gardens for an organized appearance.

39 Repurpose

Repurpose Via 20 Adorable Small Garden Ideas ...
Don't throw out old furniture - use it as a container for flowers in your garden.

40 Trees

Trees Via Flower Garden Ideas for Your ...
Make your flower garden really stand out with some tall trees shaped nicely.

41 Trellis

Trellis Via Flower Garden Ideas
The trellis adds beauty, but also gives your flowers a place to grow.

42 Clay Pottery

Clay Pottery Via Gardening | Felicity Faire
These large clay pots are fun, but give your flowers the chance to shine.

43 Desert Flower Garden

Desert Flower Garden Via axsoris.com
Many kinds of cacti have flowers and are perfect for warmer climates.

44 Don't Forget Seating

Don't Forget Seating Via 23 Amazing Flower Garden Ideas ...
Make sure you have places to sit so you can enjoy your gardens.

45 White Picket Fence

White Picket Fence Via 23 Amazing Flower Garden Ideas ...
I love how bright the flowers look against the white picket fence.

46 Earth Tones

Earth Tones Via 23 Amazing Flower Garden Ideas ...
The earth tone colors of these plants and flowers are perfect!
Do you garden? I hope these ideas are just what you need to go out there and create the space you love. Which one is your favorite?

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