Green Thumb Gals Will Love These Epic Gardening Tricks ...

By Heather

Green Thumb Gals Will Love These Epic Gardening Tricks ...

Summer's heat can be brutal, making gardening seem like more of a chore than an actual hobby, unless you have a few gardening hacks up your sleeve. Gardening is a great way to improve your mood since it works as a natural form of therapy, it keeps your lawn looking smashing, and it supplies you with beautiful plants, herbs, fruits, and veggies all year long. To make gardening more enjoyable, take advantage of these gardening hacks as soon as possible. They’re easy enough for anyone to do and sure to improve your gardening experience in no time.

1 Wear a Large Hat

Those huge gardening hats you see many women wearing aren’t just for fashion- they’re also one of the best gardening hacks to take advantage of. Large hats cast a shadow that covers your entire face and shoulders. This keeps the harsh sun rays off your face and neck, and it also helps keep you cool. This can prevent everything from sunburn to possibly skin cancer. Head to the store and select a hat that’s right for you, and don’t head outdoors without it!

2 Check Your Hose Pipes Regularly

Using hose pipes to water your plants is a great way to make the watering experience easier and faster than toting around a watering pail and having to refill it all day. However, if you’ve ever had a leaky hose pipe, you know how much of a nightmare they can be. Holes can easily pop up in your hose pipes due to too much water pressure, thin lining, or punctures you weren’t aware of. Check your hose pipes regularly and replace them as needed.

3 Be Soil Savvy

Planting certain crops in the wrong type of soil can wreak havoc on your results. Certain items require different levels of soil acidity, so be sure you know what type of soil your crops and plants need before actually planting them. This can prevent plants from molding and rotting if soil is too moist or the acidity is too low. Check the labels on any crops you buy or ask a gardening specialist at your local nursery.

4 Carry a Water Bottle

I also suggest carrying a water bottle with you throughout the day as you spend your time outdoors in your garden. It’s important to stay hydrated to prevent dehydration along with keep your blood sugar stable. A water bottle does the trick!

5 Check the Weather Forecast

Just like not watering your plants is a bad idea, overwatering them is just as bad. Be sure not to run your sprinkler systems or water your plants the day before or during a large amount of rain. Too much water can cause plants to mold, die, or rot- all of which ruins your hard earned efforts. While the weather forecast isn’t always 100% right, I still suggest using it as a general guideline to help save you time and worry.

6 Don’t Overcrowd Plants

Overcrowding plants in your beds or garden is a terrible idea. For one, plants need adequate breathing room to grow and thrive. Secondly, their roots can actually become entangled underneath the soil, causing them to rot or die off quickly. It may also cause them to become rootbound. Be sure to space your plants at least 6 inches apart most of the time, unless directions are otherwise given for specific crops.

7 Know What Yellow Leaves Mean

Anytime a plant turns yellow, most people think that the plant is dying and needs more water, which is actually the complete opposite of the truth. Yellow leaves are a sign of one of two things: one, that the plant has been overwatered and needs to dry out more, or that it’s rootbound in the container it is in and needs to be transferred to a bigger pot. You can pluck off yellow leaves right where the plant meets the soil to remove it from the plant, but you still need to be sure not to water it so much or consider transferring it to a larger potting container.

If you’re a gardener, I’d love to hear a special gardening hack you might have. What gardening hacks make your life easier?

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