5 Tips on Decorating a Garden ...


5 Tips on Decorating a Garden ...
5 Tips on Decorating a Garden ...

I like the fact that there really isn’t a specific way a garden is supposed to be decorated. I can add festive touches for the holidays, dress it up for a garden party, or change the layout from season to season. Here are 5 tips on decorating a garden. I hope you find something that appeals to you. Feel free to add any decorating tips you might have used over the years in your own garden or have learned from friends.

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Break out the Twinkle Lights

Christmas lights don’t only have to be used during the holidays. They look great wrapped around tree trunks, the bottom of large planters, or hung along the garden gate at any time of the year. As long as you make sure to purchase indoor/outdoor lights, then they shouldn’t be affected by inclement weather.


Ribbons and Bows Add Lots of Color to a Drab Landscape

Sprucing up monochromatic planters with brightly colored ribbons is easier than trying to repot all your plants into new containers. Ribbon also costs a lot less than new planters. If you have an evergreen in the garden, then tie some red, silver, or gold bows on the branches. This will add a bit of color to the garden.


Hang Some Greenery

Garland can be hung along a garden fence or an evergreen wreath can be placed on the garden gate. You can find cheap pieces of greenery by getting branches from someone who just trimmed their evergreen trees for the winter. Fake garland is usually fairly inexpensive too.


Set up a Winter Feeding Station for the Birds

Finding food in the winter is often a bit more difficult for your feathered friends. Placing a bird feeder in the middle of the garden will bring more life to the once bright space. The birds will add movement and sometimes even color to a drab looking garden.


Place a Bench or Weather Proof Chair for Relaxing in

There are all sorts of styles in outdoor furniture available at lawn and garden stores. You could create a sitting area where you can enjoy a good book on a sunny day. The bench or chair could also be decorated for the holidays too.

I hope these decorating tips give you some ideas for your garden. I like being able to change the appearance of my garden area, no matter what time of year it is. Do you have any specific decorations you like to place in your garden throughout the year?

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