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I live in an area where there are mostly Oak and cedar trees everywhere I look. I actually like a bit more variety, when it comes to plant life. If it was up to me, I’d have my home surrounded with other types of tree life. 5 of my favorite trees are listed below. I’m slowly working on getting a few of them growing in the side yard. Hopefully they will continue to grow well for me!

5. Catalpa

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Many people don’t like this tree because of the giant bean pods they drop in the fall. Also, they have huge leaves that really do a number on the lawn mower. I don’t live in the city and I don’t have a yard to mow. I like the exotic look of this giant tree and hope the one I planted at the end of the driveway makes it through this winter.

4. Bald Cypress

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My grandmother got me interested in this tree. When I was a little kid, she had a huge maple tree out front. The same one my mom used to sit in and throw water balloons at people from. I don’t know how it died, but it was eventually replaced with a Bald Cypress. I was fascinated by the way the leaves looked like the needles of an evergreen tree, but how they fell off during the winter. I have one of these growing on the other side of the driveway; opposite from the Catalpa.

3. Weeping Willow

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The clay content in our soil is so high that it is very difficult for any type of water-loving tree to survive easily. Weeping willows have always been a favorite tree of my oldest son. I think they look very elegant with their weeping branches and delicate leaves.

2. Redbud

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Spring time announces itself around here by filling the woods with hues of pink and purple. The Redbud trees are thick and gorgeous. These are the very first trees to bloom in March. I love walking through the woods and spotting all the Redbuds in full bloom. They definitely brighten up the place after such a bleak winter.

1. Tulip Tree

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I’m not sure if this is my favorite tree because of the gorgeous flowers and the peppery smell each blossom emits or if it’s because of childhood memories I have. My great uncle and I used to climb almost to the top of the Tulip tree in my front yard and read books to one another. Now that I think about it, I don’t know how we made it up the tree with books in tow and without dropping one as we climbed.

Do you find that any of these trees make your favorite tree list? Do you have a favorite tree that you know of?

Top Photo Credit: 16giles

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