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7 Interesting Ways to Keep Your Garden Insect Free ...

By Mercy

Gardens and insects! If you have a garden, you are sure to have seen creepy creations! Unless you are an entomologist, these may not interest you much and can be a siesta spoiler in the garden. Some of these insects sting and can be dangerous. It’s best to get rid of them but I prefer to avoid harsh chemical insecticide in my garden, both for my family and the health of my garden. Here are some interesting ways to keep your garden insect free without using chemicals.

1 Insect Repelling Plants

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This is one of the easiest ways to keep your garden insect free. There are some strong smelling plants like garlic and marigold that most insects like to avoid. Plant these around the rest of your plants and you will see the insects disappear.

2 Garlic Insecticide

Alternatively, you can make a solution with garlic oil, a few drops of soap and water and spray it on the leaves. It will kill the insects who try to eat the leaves and deter others from coming close by its strong smell.

3 Pepper Sauce Insecticide

Make a solution with 2 teaspoons of pepper sauce, a few drops of liquid soap and water and spray in on your plants. The smell and heat of the pepper sauce will deter insects from coming near the plants.

4 Tomato Leaves Insecticide

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Tomato leaves also present great ways to keep your garden insect free. Just crush a few tomato leaves, a little corn starch and water in your juicer and spray in on your plants.

5 Neem Oil

Neem oil is also a very powerful insect repellent. It is easy to get neem oil products in the market to use in the garden as natural insecticide. This is perhaps one of the most convenient ways to keep your garden insect free.

6 Predatory Insects

Not all insects are bad or harmful. Learn to identify the good insects who prey on those insects that can harm your plants or your family members. For instance, lady bugs and lady beetles are commonly used in garden help in controlling a large number of garden insects.

7 Watering

Water is an important way to control insects in the garden. On one hand, a spray of water will deter some insects like aphids and spiders. On the other hand, the water levels in the soil of your garden will play a large role in attracting insects, if not monitored closely. For instance, many insects breed in swampy conditions. If water tends to collect on the soil of your garden, it could become a breeding ground for many insects. Also, watering the garden at night can attract insects into the garden.

As you can see, these are some very easy ways to keep your garden insect free. Most importantly, these measures help you avoid harsh chemicals which are extremely harmful to both you and your garden in the long run. Secondly, you will find that organic gardens (those that do not use chemicals) produce healthier and better looking plants.

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