5 Plants That Go with the Fall ...


5 Plants That Go with the Fall ...
5 Plants That Go with the Fall ...

Here are 5 plants that go with the fall, at least in my opinion. I know many people have certain plants that remind them of fall, such as sunflowers, but these are the 5 I like to have around my yard. These all go well together or can be used in containers on patios, in hanging baskets, or incorporated into other fall decorating ideas.

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For a hardy plant that goes perfectly with the fall weather, Autumn Joy is a great choice. It is a type of sedum that is very durable and it looks interesting too. The blooms look like chunks of bronzed broccoli. Each blossom starts off a dark pink, but then turns a bronzed-red color later.


Coral Bells

The thick, low foliage of these plants is still going strong well after the delicate bell-shaped blossoms have stopped blooming. The varieties with a purple tinge to their leaves look nice in containers, along sidewalks, or in front of other fall-blooming flowers.



New England asters have an excellent blue hue that is perfect for brightening up a fall garden. These begin blooming in September and grow to be around 3 feet tall. Each blue flower has a bright yellow center. These little flowers always make me smile!


Mexican Sage

The bright purple color of this plant is an excellent accent for either the garden or in a container. This plant grows to be around 3 o 4 feet in height. It starts to flower in September and has a constant supply of blooms until the first frost hits.



The assortment of colors mums are available in is amazing. This compact little flower is often attached to foliage that is very compact. These plants are great for adding some contrast to a garden or to fill an entire container with fantastic fall colors.

I’m sure you have a personal list of fall plants that you stick to year after year. I know it’s hard to stray from my favorites, even when I come across something new. What plants do you think remind you of autumn the most of all? Do you find yourself choosing plants more for containers or outdoor garden areas in the fall?

Top Photo Credit: Mr. Greenjeans

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