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5 Cool Gardening Magazines ...

By Aprille

Besides getting seed and plant catalogs in the mail, receiving one of these 5 cool gardening magazines can be just as exciting. I really like the way each of the following 5 magazines are put together and what they have to offer. See what you think and let me know!

5 Horticulture

This magazine focuses on the art and science of gardening. Horticulture is designed for avid gardeners who not only love to garden, but who like to put a lot of effort in creating the design for their garden as well. For more than 100 years this magazine has been in publication. It is filled with the collective wisdom from gardeners who are willing to share thoughts and ideas with others.

4 Gardening Green

For people who are concerned with their impact on the environment when gardening, this is the perfect magazine. Gardening Green provides ample ‘how to’ ways to let nature run its course when it comes to gardening. This magazine helps gardeners manage their gardens without putting a lot of money into harsh chemicals and fancy equipment for upkeep.

3 Country Gardens

The stories and photos people share about their gardens are the best part of this magazine. This magazine helps new gardeners decide on what to plant, where to plant it, and how to go about managing their fine gardens. Country Gardens also focuses on gardens throughout the year and supplies great ideas on what to do for each season.

2 Garden Design

This is more of an upscale magazine designed for gardeners who have a passion for not only gardening, but also landscaping. There are plenty of how-to articles, photos of magnificent gardens, a buyer’s guide, news on upcoming garden shows and other gardening events, as well as being full of lots of gardening tips.

1 Organic Gardening

Each issue of Organic Gardening provides gardeners with information about taking care of vegetable gardens, how to manage landscaping needs, ways to take care of pests without harsh chemicals, and secrets for fertile soil. This magazine tries to aid gardeners in growing healthy plants without relying on toxic substances to do so.

If you get a chance to take a look at any of these gardening magazines, be sure to do so. They are not only great sources of information, but they make excellent reference material later on too. What is your favorite gardening magazine?

Top Photo Credit: Anika Malone

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