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5 Garden Tips on Ficus Trees ...

By Aprille

There are more than 800 different species of ficus tree. Many people enjoy the decorative touch these trees add to a home. These trees can be placed outside during warmer weather, but most aren’t able to handle harsh winters seen in some regions and need to be brought inside. Here are 5 garden tips on ficus trees that most species of ficus respond well to.

5 Replanting is Necessary as the Tree Grows

With proper care a ficus tree can quickly become root bound. This means the root system ends up filling up the pot to the point that there is very little dirt left to hold food and water for the tree. It’s easy to repot a small ficus, but this might turn into a two-man task as the tree grows in size. Try to give it a new pot that allows it tons of room to grow, so you don’t have to repot it so soon.

4 Keep out of Direct Sun

Even though these trees come from humid climates, this doesn’t mean they like direct sun. They actually prefer filtered sunlight. Place the ficus next to a window or glass door that allows indirect sun to reach the tree. They can withstand late-afternoon or early-morning sunshine, but that is the extent of their sunbathing.

3 Avoid Drafty Areas for Your Tree

A cold draft isn’t pleasant to most living things, ficus trees included. They prefer to have a constant temperature all the time. Not only is a cold draft unpleasant, but also extreme heat. Placing your ficus tree in an area away from heating vents and drafty windows will help it stay happy year around

2 Allow to Dry between Watering

Ficus trees come from an area where the humidity is high, so they like moist soil. Watering daily will cause the roots to rot. Allow for the top inch of soil to become dry between watering. If the leaves start to pale in color and drop off, then you might be waiting too long to water your tree. Misting the leaves lightly each day can help the tree to retain enough humidity and prevent under-watering.

1 Fertilize during the Warmer Months Only

As with most living things, growth slows during the winter for ficus trees. Use half-strength fertilizer during the warmer months when it is growing a lot. You can also use a slow-release fertilizer, but be sure to stop fertilizing during the winter.

Hopefully your ficus is doing well already and you’re simply looking for additional tips to pass on to friends and family. If you are having trouble with your ficus, then I hope these tips will help you to nurse it back to health. Have you only recently discovered the beauty of a ficus tree? What do you like best about them?

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