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5 Tips on Growing Banana Trees ...

By Aprille

Banana trees may be from a tropical climate, but anyone can grow them. They are actually less work than you might think. Here are 5 tips on growing banana trees of your own. I’m not very good at keeping large plants alive, but I have yet to kill my banana tree! I hope these tips work for you too.

5 Choose the Proper Size of Container

Purchasing a banana tree that is already in a container will make it easy to move around, if you don’t live in an area where banana trees can thrive outdoors year around. Be sure to keep an eye on your plant and make sure it isn’t becoming too crowded in its container. You may need to upgrade the planter from time to time.

4 Provide Lots of Humidity

A humidity level of 50 percent or more is best for banana trees. They are tropical, so they really like the humidity. Dry air that is also hot will actually kill the leaves of your banana tree. Try misting the leaves with warm water daily for additional humidity.

3 Keep It Warm

Cold and wind are two things banana trees don’t like at all. If you have to bring in your banana tree during the winter, then make sure to place it away from drafty windows and areas where a gust of wind from the door can reach it. There are also a few cold-tolerant varieties of banana trees to choose from.

2 Being a Tropical Plant, Banana Trees Relish the Sun

At least 12 hours of sunlight is recommended for a banana tree to grow well. I have to supply an alternate light source during the winter time. Be sure to place your banana tree in full sun and not in a location where it will end up being in the shadow of a tree or the house.

1 Well-drained Soil is Best

The roots of a banana tree are usually very shallow. They need to have soil that isn’t compact and hard so they can easily spread out and absorb nutrients. If you have ground that consists of a lot of clay, then make a raised bed for your outdoor banana tree.

Even if you aren’t able to plant your banana tree outside, they still make great house plants. Remember that they do grow tall, even though they are actually a type of perennial instead of an actual tree, so be prepared for this! I move mine outdoors in the summer and indoors in the winter. Have you ever tried growing a banana tree? What got you interested in trying to grow one?

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