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5 Plants to Grow in the Winter ...

By Aprille

In most parts of the world, winter time is the part of the year when there is less light and color outside. People often resort to brightening up the inside of their home. Planting brightly colored flowers is a great way to spice things up a bit. The 5 plants to grow in the winter I mention below are the perfect pick-me-up on a dreary winter day.

5 Poinsettias

Most people purchase these from the store during the holidays. The bright red foliage is often mistaken for a flower. It is actually a set of red leaves that grow above the darker green ones. There’s no scent to these colored leaves, but they do brighten up a room.

4 Pansies

There’s nothing more cheerful than seeing a row of these colorful flowers. The varieties are plentiful and the cooler weather in the winter helps to keep these plants from getting tall and unruly. Placing a planter full of pansies on a window sill will provide the correct cool temperature to keep these plants small.

3 Paperwhites

These bulbs can be planted in the soil of an indoor planter or gravel. They are easy to grow and look fabulous. The smell that comes from them is fantastic, to most people. However, there are some people who think they smell a bit like cat urine. These are tall and slender with white blooms on them, perfect for a kitchen window.

2 Christmas Cactus

This succulent doesn’t necessarily bloom around Christmas, but there is always a possibility that it will. The older they get, the more blooms they have on them. This is a common houseplant that stays green year around and usually has tons of flowers on it when it comes time to bloom. They can either be dark pink, light pink, or white, depending on the variety of plant.

1 Amaryllis

This is a common plant purchased at stores during the fall and winter. Many people will get this started in time so that the bloom appears around Christmas time. The giant stalk will often support one to three blossoms. The bright red flowers are very cheery on a dreary winter day.

Each of these 5 plants usually comes with instructions on how to care for them properly. As for the bulb plants, there are specific directions to follow for getting them to bloom during the winter. Have you every tried to grow any of these plants during the winter? Were you successful and pleased with your efforts?

Top Photo Credit: Klearchos Kapoutsis

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