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In my opinion, learning interesting tidbits about gardening is as much fun as gardening itself. I thought you might like the 5 amazing gardening facts I’ve listed below. Share them with friends or intrigue your neighbor one day as you chat with one another across the fence. A couple of these were passed on by my father, who is an avid gardener.

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Most Gardeners Are Women

More than 54 percent of gardeners are women and about 68 percent of this group is over the age of 45. Another interesting percentage fact about gardeners in general is that more than 64 percent of gardeners are married.


These statistics highlight the importance of gardening among mature female demographics, often seeking a harmonious blend of physical activity, stress relief, and the satisfaction of nurturing growth. Moreover, the connection between gardening and marital status suggests that gardening can be a shared hobby that strengthens partnerships. The passion for gardening is a unifying thread that brings communities together, creating common ground—quite literally—in which conversations, experiences, and blooms thrive. Indeed, many see the garden as an extension of the home, a place cared for with as much love and attention as the family within.


Pumpkin Flowers Are Edible

I wonder how many people actually eat the flowers of these squash as well as the pumpkin itself. In the colonial times, the main part of the pumpkin was actually used in the crust portion of pies, not as part of the filling. They are also 90 percent water and were once believed to cure snake bits and help to get rid of freckles.


Yes, these delicate blooms do more than merely decorate the garden with their vibrant colors; they offer a unique culinary experience too! Traditionally, pumpkin flowers have been stuffed with fillings like herbed cheeses and then fried to a crisp golden hue, a delectable treat especially popular in Italian and Mexican cuisines. They're not only luscious but also carry a good nutritional punch, packed with minerals like iron and phosphorus. So, next time you spy them in your garden, consider plucking a few for a fancy, flavorsome addition to your dinner menu.


The World’s Largest Tomato Weighed as Much as a Human Baby

Weighing in at a whopping 7 pounds 12 ounces, the tomato grown in 1986 by an Oklahoma farmer was twice the width as most hamburger buns. I’ve seen some pretty impressive tomatoes in my time, but that is truly an amazing size!


The Daisy Family Consists of More than Strictly Flowers

For some weird trivia; lettuce and artichokes are part of the daisy family as well. I thought this was a very interesting tidbit that most people probably don’t know. It’s a great question that kids would enjoy telling friends as well.


Twigs Prevent Cutworms from Harming Tomato Plants

If you find that cutworms are severing all of your tomato plants, then put a twig in the ground alongside the stem of the tomato plant. Cutworms wrap their bodies around the tomato plant’s stem and destroy the entire plant. Placing a twig next to the stem makes it almost twice as wide as usual. The cutworm is then unable to wrap its whole body around the stem and your plants are safe.

I like sharing fun information that I hear about, especially when it involves gardening. Do you find yourself picking up little facts here and there and storing them in the back of your brain? What is something unique that you have heard about gardening?

Top Photo Credit: Niveditha Prakash

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