5 Signs It's a Good Time of the Year to Plant Citrus Trees ...


5 Signs It's a Good Time of the Year to Plant Citrus Trees ...
5 Signs It's a Good Time of the Year to Plant Citrus Trees ...

Being in too much of a hurry to plant your citrus trees can be a hazard to the trees. There are certain signs to look for to clue you in as to when the best time for planting should be. There’s nothing more disheartening than losing a newly planted citrus tree because you tried to rush things. Here are 5 signs it’s a good time of the year to plant citrus trees.

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Danger of Frost is Gone

Before placing a citrus tree outside, it’s best for the tree if there isn’t a chance that it will be hit with a hard frost. Some new citrus tree varieties are frost resistant, but only for a light frost. A heavy freeze will still kill the little tree.


The Ground Isn’t Frozen

Planting any tree into the frozen ground isn’t very beneficial for the tree. If your citrus tree is being kept indoors and is suddenly placed in the frozen ground, it will be hard for the roots to become established in the frozen dirt.


The Nights Aren’t Too Cold

As long as the nighttime temperatures don’t fall below the level your citrus tree is able to withstand, planting the tree in the ground should be doable. If the temperatures are too cold at night, your citrus tree may end up losing all of its leaves.


The Soil Isn’t Dried out and Cracked

If you try to plant a citrus tree in the ground when there is no water in sight, the new root system has a higher chance of drying out. This will in turn cause the tree to die. Planting when there has been plenty of rain and a drought isn’t present is best for citrus trees.


Winter is over

As long as all the signs of winter are no longer present, planting a citrus tree should be possible. A lack of snow means you should be able to easily dig a hole for your tree. Wait until winter is definitely over.

If you have citrus trees to plant, I hope these tips on checking for the right signs to plant come in handy. Different planting times for citrus trees also depend on the type of tree being planted as well as the zone it is being planted in. Are there any other signs you know of that need to be considered when planting citrus trees?

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