5 Cool Plants You Have to Have ...


5 Cool Plants You Have to Have ...
5 Cool Plants You Have to Have ...

Each of the 5 cool plants you have to have that are listed below is unique in their own way. If you’re looking for a new houseplant or something fun for the yard, then take a look at the plants I’ve described below.

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Donkey Tail

I like having hanging plants around the house and the Sedum morganianum is perfect for this. If any of the ‘tails’ fall off, all you have to do is stick them in a pot of dirt and a new plant will start. The pendulous stems are fragile and it is very easy to bump them and be showered with donkey tails, so it’s best to hang this plant out of high-traffic areas.


Resurrection Fern

One of these plants was taken on a mission to space to see it resurrect in zero gravity. These ferns can dry up and remain dormant for years. They will revive with water after one soaking and be perfectly fine.


Hens and Chicks

These little succulents remind me of artichokes that have been planted in the ground. I like the way the ‘chicks’ come off of the larger plant and immediately begin to root when they hit the dirt. These plants seem to take care of themselves.


Surprise Lilies

My grandmother used to call these Naked Ladies. When I was little she would talk about the Naked Ladies showing up in her yard. I later found out that she was referring to flowers known as Surprise Lilies. The stalks pop up out of the ground before the leaves do and produce a pink flower. They are definitely a nice surprise!


Bunny Ears

The Opuntia microdasys v. albata is native to Mexico. This cactus appears to be fuzzy and soft, but there are prickly little spines under all that fuzz, so watch out! Cacti are hard to kill and the fuzzy ear-like pads make this cactus rather cute.

Whenever I see or hear about a new plant, I immediately tell my father about it. He’s an avid gardener, so he is always sharing new plant info with me as well. Had you ever heard of any of these plants before you read this? Do you know of any other interesting plants that would make an excellent houseplant?

Top Photo Credit: Chris Tsangarides

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