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5 Things That Will Kill a Plant ...

By Aprille

Some of the 5 things that will kill a plant that I listed below are usually thought to be helpful for plants. However, there are a few things that will kill plants when not kept in check. Hopefully you don't have to worry about any of these things killing your garden plants.

5 Urine

Whether it's the family dog, a neighbor's cat, or your sister's sweet little boy, urine from any of these beings is harmful to your plants. The dog hiking his leg on your sweet pea vine might not kill it right away. But, if this act tends to become a routine, eventually the poor plant won't be able to take any more.

4 Bleach

Most people don't take a bottle of bleach outside and pour it on their plants, but it is possible to forget about bleach added to dish water or to a load of laundry. The water from the sink or washing machine might drain outside and into an area where it can seep into the garden space. Make sure to start your garden space well away from any drainage areas.

3 Sunshine

Paying attention to the instruction tags that are attached to plants is important. There are certain plants that prefer the shade and giving them lots of sunshine won't do them a bit of good. Most shade-loving plants will actually die in full-sun.

2 Water

Too much water can be a bad thing for some plants. While most plants thrive with water, there is a limit that each plant will reach before water will begin to work against it. Make sure you know just how much water your plants are supposed to be receiving.

1 Fresh Cow Manure

Dumping a load of fresh manure on your garden might seem like the ultimate method of fertilizing, but you are actually doing more harm than good. Manure that is sold in garden supply stores has been left to age and sometimes even heated to kill weed seeds. Fresh cow manure will make the soil too hot and your new plants will burn up in a matter of days.

Most gardeners know about each of the 5 things I listed above. However, if you know of someone who is new to gardening who can benefit from this list, be sure to pass it on! What are some other things that you know of that are harmful to plants?

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