5 Reasons to Relax in Your Garden ...


5 Reasons to Relax in Your Garden ...
5 Reasons to Relax in Your Garden ...

I enjoy hanging out in my garden for a variety of reasons. The garden is one of the most relaxing areas I can think of. 5 reasons to relax in your garden are listed below. See what you think and if you can come up with some more!

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It's Peaceful

I always find sitting in the garden to be much more peaceful than sitting in the house. It's quiet and often soothing to relax where there is a lot less noise. I don't miss the sound of arguing teenagers or the garbled sounds of the television when I'm in the garden.


You Can Make It as Unique as You like

This is your special area, which means you can create the type of relaxing space you've always wanted. I placed a nice bench my husband made right in the middle of the flowers. Place some works of art you've created or do come up with an original landscaping project that will give your garden a personal touch.


There Are Fewer Distractions

Having a place to go where there isn't a lot of commotion going on allows me to think better. When I don't have a lot of things to distract me, such as a ringing telephone or the sight of dishes in the sink, I feel much more relaxed. As long as I don't take my cell phone with me, these are two distractions I don't have to worry about in the garden.


It is a Great Stress Reducer

As soon as I get to the garden area, I always take a deep breath. It's almost as if I have been taking shallow breaths until I get to the garden. I can feel the stress practically fade away as the breath is exhaled. It's amazing!


You Can Be Closer to Nature

I love seeing and hearing the birds in my garden. I also enjoy the occasional bunny that hops through. The garden is rabbit and bird-proof, so I don't have to worry about fighting with these furry friends over vegetables. They each have their own area they can be in while I enjoy them from my special space.

I'm sure you don't need a bunch of reasons to relax in your personal garden. Sometimes I just feel like hanging out in the garden and being away from people. My family doesn't usually follow me out to the garden, since they are busy with their own things. Is your garden a special area to you? Do you feel you can actually relax in it or do you feel the need to work instead?

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I can totally relate....I call my garden my tropical paradise on earth.....nothing like the serenity in the avid gardener's retreat!

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