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5 Reasons to Start a Garden ...

By Aprille

Right off the bat, I can think of 5 reasons to start a garden. Below, I am going to give you those 5 reasons.

5 It Brings Butterflies around

I always liked having a garden, because it brought pretty butterflies around. Those butterflies are fun to take pictures of. I also liked the hummingbirds that the garden brings around. If you are interested in having hummingbirds in your garden, then read up on the different flowers that draw these birds in. Usually, these flowers are bright in color and have sweet nectar.

4 It Makes the Yard Beautiful

Of course, the garden is going to make your yard look beautiful> If you have a bare spot in the yard and it looks like it is missing something, then you are probably right. Your yard is missing the garden.

3 It Makes the Yard Smell Good

I must say that it makes the yard smell good. When you plant a flower garden and those flowers bloom, then the yard is going to smell good!

2 It’s Peaceful

If you put some time into your garden and make it look good and add a patio in it, then it is going to be very peaceful. Actually, you don’t have to put much into a garden to make it peaceful. You could just go sit out on the lawn and stare at your garden as you think about things.

1 It’s Fun

Of course, making a garden is fun to do. When you have a garden outside, you are never going to get bored. During your spare time, you can go tend to the garden – water it, weed it and watch it grow.

Those are 5 reasons why you should start a garden. What reasons do you have to start a garden? I would love to hear them.

Top Photo Credit: khasan

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