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5 Rules to Planting Spring Plants ...

By Aprille

I always feel the urge to start planting as soon as the first warm, sunny day arrives. However, if I want my plants to survive and flourish, there are a few rules I have to follow. Below are 5 rules to planting spring plants that I try to stick with.

5 Follow Directions

Most plants come with a set of instructions for proper planting. As long as you follow these directions, your plants should do fine. Planting instructions are usually very thorough; they offer correct depth, proper spacing, and the time of year best suited for planting a particular seed or seedling.

4 Start Plants Indoors

If you are in a hurry to get your garden going, then starting plants indoors is an option as well. You can use single-serving yogurt containers or egg cartons for seedlings. Make sure to have the right room temperature and plenty of light to get them started right.


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3 Prepare the Garden Site before Planting

I like to till in some manure with the ground where my vegetable garden is going to go. It’s important to do this a couple of weeks before you are actually going to be planting your veggies.

2 Make Sure the Ground is Workable

Even if the weather seems to be cooperating, sometimes your garden spot is still a bit behind. If the ground seems unusually hard and still rather frozen, then I have to wait a little longer. Not only will my plants appreciate the wait, but it will be easier on me to plant them as well.

1 Don’t Rush

Whether you are planting vegetables or flowers, it’s important to wait until after the first frost. There’s no surer way to kill a plant than to have it get damaged by frost. I always wait until a week after the supposed last frost. For at least a couple of weeks after that date, I still monitor the weather every day, in case I need to cover my plants for a frost that is supposed to happen.

Try to resist your Spring Fever urges. No matter how much you want to fill the yard with every plant you come across, sometimes waiting is for the best. Do you already follow most of these tips? What is the hardest part about planting in the spring that you have come across?

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