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5 Reasons to Use a Calendar to Keep Track of Your Vegetables ...

By Aprille

I have so many things going on in my life that it's hard to keep track of what is going on and when. I find that using a calendar to jot down information about my veggie garden helps me in a number of ways. Here are 5 reasons to use a calendar to keep track of your vegetables. Maybe you will find a few you can use next time you plant a vegetable garden.

5 You’ll Know when Your Plants Should Begin to Sprout

I find it helpful to know when my plants are supposed to be sprouting. If I write down the approximate dates that each plant is going to emerge from the ground, then I know if the seeds were viable or not. When plants don't show up on time, I can get new seeds planted in the ground as soon as possible.

4 It Serves as an Excellent Reminder for when to Plant Seeds

Planning out my seed planting days in advance makes it easier for me to have a visual reminder of when I need to get them in the ground. Some seeds do better when they are planted during the early part of spring when it's cooler, while others need warm summer soil to begin germinating.

3 I'll Have a Record for Next Year

I like being able to look back on the previous year to see if I'm behind or ahead of schedule. I can check my calendar notes to see which veggies I planted the previous year, which eliminates the hassle of having to decide which seeds to plant. This record will also give me an approximate time frame for the growth of each vegetable.

2 You’ll Know when Harvesting Time is Getting Closer

I find that writing down the planting date and the actual date that plants are harvested gives me a much more accurate account of how long each vegetable seed takes from start to finish. The seed packets give a general idea, but I feel my calendar notes create a more precise log of how long each seed actually takes. If I know in advance how long I have until harvesting time is at hand, then I won't end up scheduling something that involves being out of town during that time.

1 I Can Share Information Easier with Others

I've loaned my gardening calendars to friends and family members who were just getting started planting a veggie garden. It's a lot easier to simply hand over my calendar than it is to verbally go over how long certain veggies take to mature. I can also photo copy the pages if necessary and pass out individual information for a specific vegetable too.

I hope these tips entice you to use a calendar for keeping track of your garden. You might find that it actually makes things much easier. What ways have you used to monitor the growth or your garden in the past?

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