7 Beautiful Flowers ...


7 Beautiful Flowers ...
7 Beautiful Flowers ...

It’s almost spring time again and before you know it, the sweet smell of flowers will be in the air! I can’t wait to start planting my garden! I have so many plans for it. I always said that I enjoy the cold, but right about now, I am ready for the cold to go away. I live in Florida and it’s usually warm here around this time, but I am still waking up to ice on the car windshield – what’s up with that? Anyhow, let me give you 7 beautiful flowers …

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7 Sisters Rose Bush

I have always thought this was a very beautiful rose bush and remember having it in my back yard when I was growing up. The bush I had had many red roses on it. I enjoyed picking these roses - but I didn’t want to pick the ones that were too perfect. These definitely make great pictures.


Saussurea Obvallata

This is a beautiful night blooming flower. It also goes by Brahma Kamal. It only blooms one time a year during the night. It has many medical uses. It grows in the mountains and other areas where it is cold. This really is a beautiful flower.


Bleeding Heart

These are beautiful, fairy like flowers that appear in shady gardens during the months April through June. I have always enjoyed these flowers and they do make a great background for a picture.


Lilly of the Valley

Wow, this is a beautiful flower. This is a fragrant sign of spring. There are a number of legends nesting behind this flower. There is one legend that tells of this Lilly springing from the blood of St. George while he was battling a dragon. This Lilly is often referred to as “Our Lady’s Tears.”



The Canna not only has beautiful flowers, but I also believe they have beautiful green leaves. Their leaves remind me a lot of a banana plant. They became popular during the Victorian times – they are very popular garden plants today. I always enjoyed these type of flowers.



Have you saw a Magnolia tree? They are big and beautiful. These trees grow like wild around here. I always enjoy the big blooms that come from them. Their blooms smell so sweet.



The Gardenia is a beautiful flower. They remind me of the Magnolia bloom, except they are littler and have more petals to them. The Gardenia is not only one of my favourite flowers, but is also one of my favourite fragrances. I have a beautiful gardenia bush that brings plenty of flowers each year.

There you have 7 beautiful flowers. Picking only seven flowers and pointing them out is hard to do, because there are so many lovely flowers out there. I haven’t even pointed out a quarter of them. In due time, as I continue writing blogs, I will be sure to add even more gardening type blogs on here. So, what is your favourite flower?

Top Photo Credit: LimeWave Photo

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