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7 Flowers That Only Bloom at Night ...

By Aprille

7 Queen of the Night

This is a common name for several different night blooming cacti. However the actual Queen of the Night is the Peniocereus greggii which produces white flowers measuring nearly a foot in diameter. These tiny flowers have a scent that reminds me of vanilla. They will bloom after sundown and die within just a few hours.

6 Datura

I remember these plants growing in my dad’s garden along the side of the house. He called them Moonflowers, since they only opened at night. The blooms are large, white and trumpet-like. Other night blooming plants often confused with Daturas are the Brugmansias. They have a woody stem instead of a soft green one, thus allowing them to grow into shrubs or small trees.

5 Evening Primrose

Sundrops and suncups are two additional names that these yellow flowers are known by. Evening Primrose plants range in size from 4 inches to well over 9 feet. Although yellow is the most common color seen, these little flowers also come in purple, pink, white, and red. One Southwestern species that is the most fragrant of all produces pink flowers that later turn magenta.

4 Saguaro

These enormous cacti can grow to be the size of a medium-sized tree. They are native to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, parts of Baja California, and the state of Sonora in Mexico. These giant cacti can live to be over 150 years old. The flowers consist of a narrow section that is light green and eventually ends in frilly white petals that stick out like the end of a trumpet. A pale yellow portion is located in the middle of the white frills. The flowers eventually give rise to sweet red fruit.

3 Evening Scented Stock

If you want a night blooming flower with a powerful fragrance, then these little beauties might be what you want. They are an annual though, so you’ll have to have a constant source of seeds to plant each spring. The miniature blooms only measure a little over an inch in diameter. The flowers produced range from light to bright purple.

2 Tropical Water Lily

The magenta blooms on these water lilies are a brilliant magenta color. These particular water lilies are also known simply as ‘Antares’. Although these lilies bloom at night, they will remain open until around noon the following day.

1 Night Blooming Jasmine

This evergreen shrub produces a cluster of white flowers that open each evening and each tiny flower emits an extremely strong fragrance. Seeing as this plant is a shrub, it can grow between 6 and 10 feet in height and 6 feet in width.

I was surprised at how few night blooming flowers I was able to find. This list of 7 flowers that only bloom at night do give you plenty of options to create a nice moonlight garden that smells good too. What night blooming flowers have you seen before?

Top Photo Credit: tlmartinsr

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