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5 Garden Tips from Me to You ...

By Aprille

Sometimes, I like to jibber on about how much I like my garden and why I like it. But today, I want to be a helpful gardener. I am not motivating you right now, I am giving you 5 garden tips from me to you …

5 Do Not over Water or under Water

I have said it time in and time out, you need to make sure you do not over water your plants, but at the same time, it is important that you do not over water them. Pay attention to each care sheet and see what they need.

4 Do They Need a Lot of Sun?

The ponytail plant I have says that I should keep it out of direct sunlight. It requires only filtered sunlight. It also likes to have its leaves sprayed. So, do you know if your plant needs a lot of sun? Read about the specific plant you have.

3 Most Flowers Need Planted during the Spring

You can plant some flowers during other times of the year. Before you plant the plant, you should look it up and see tips on the specific plants.

2 When You Are Planting Your Plant

You need to dig a hole and put the soil to the side so you will put it back in later. The diameter of the hole will need to be twice the diameter or the root ball, but it needs to be the same height as the root ball.

1 Make Watering More Effective

In order to make watering more effective, you can build up a small amount of soil in the shape of a circle going around the hole. This way, the watering is going to be more effective.

Those are 5 gardening tips from me to you. Do you have any gardening tips to share?

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