5 Tips on Growing Zinnias ...

I love seeing the bright blooms of Zinnias in my flower garden. These are perfect plants for lining a walk way or for when you need a large stand of flowers for the back area of a garden. They are hardy and happy flowers! Here are 5 tips on growing Zinnias that you can use or pass on.

5. Plant Them in Sandy Soil

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Zinnias are less likely to grow to their fullest potential if they are planted in soil that is compacted and hard. These brightly colored flowers prefer to have soil that is light and airy. They like to be able to wiggle their roots through the soil with very little resistance.

4. Seed Them Directly into the Soil

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Buying plants that are ready to be placed in the ground gets you a jump start on having to wait for them to bloom. However, Zinnias actually prefer to grow from seeds that are placed directly into the ground, instead of being transplanted later on.

3. Water Regularly, but Not Too Much

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Water is necessary for the success of nearly all plants, but Zinnias don’t like to be left in standing water. They have been known to mildew because of being over-watered. It’s also better to water these beautiful flowers at ground level, instead of spraying the water on the blooms and leaves.

2. Make Sure They Have Lots of Sunshine

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Primarily found in the grasslands of Mexico, it’s only natural that this lovely flower desires tons of sunlight. These flowers like full sun and plenty of room to spread out. Make sure they don’t get too crowded together. Having lots of sunshine will also keep the chance of mildew very low.

1. Remove Spent Blooms for More Flowers

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As soon as a bloom has died back, pinch it off so that your Zinnia will bloom again. Pinching back spindly seedlings will also make them grow bushier and healthier. Deadheading your Zinnia plants will help them to make more blooms and keep them from trying to produce seeds instead.

Zinnias not only are easy to grow, but they make excellent bouquets that are long lasting. They even dry rather nice for dried arrangements. If you tie a bunch of flower stems together and then hang them upside down to dry, the stems will remain straight and they flowers will dry more evenly. Do you prefer the giant or dwarf variety of Zinnias?

Top Photo Credit: j_aubz

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