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5 Tips on Having a Greenhouse ...

By Aprille

My father has always had a greenhouse to play in during the winter time. I’ve learned a few tips from him over the years about greenhouse gardening. I think these are useful no matter what size your greenhouse is. Here are 5 tips on having a greenhouse.

5 Choose One That Fits Your Needs

If you are interested in raising only a few plants at a time, then it wouldn’t be very cost effective to purchase or build a giant greenhouse. However, if you are starting off small, but thinking seriously about expanding later, then it might be beneficial to have a fairly large greenhouse right from the start.

4 Don’t Skimp on Materials

Being cheap when it comes to buying material to construct your greenhouse from could cost you more money in the future. Purchasing flimsy panels can result in the possibility of breaking one during construction. Making your greenhouse as durable as is necessary should be a top priority.

3 Keep a Close Watch for Bugs on Your Plants

Greenhouses are havens for pests. If a family of aphids rides in on a single plant and go undetected, they will quickly multiply and infest surrounding plants as well. Check plants regularly to thwart off any chance of infestation.

2 Make Sure the Temperature is Consistent

Most plants do better when the temperature is kept at a constant degree. Eliminating drafts and making sure the seams on your greenhouse are sealed well will help in making it easier to maintain a constant temperature inside your greenhouse. As for the summer months, a good ventilation system will aid in releasing excess heat so your plants won’t burn up.

1 Use Mulch or Gravel for the Floor

While a solid floor might seem like a great idea initially, there are a few considerations to take in. Paved flooring is more likely to be slick when wet. Some types of flooring also harbor the growth of moss and algae. Using gravel or mulch for the base of the greenhouse will allow any excess dirt or water to drop down below and not clutter up the floor. You won’t have to waste time sweeping the floor either if you use mulch or gravel.

These 5 tips should steer you in the right direction for building a suitable and functioning greenhouse in no time. What types of plants do you intend to have in your greenhouse?

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