5 Beautiful Garden Pictures from Flickr.com ...

By Aprille

5 Beautiful Garden Pictures from Flickr.com ...

I love looking at other people’s gardens. I found a bunch of photos on the Internet, but here are a few I chose to share. These 5 beautiful garden pictures from Flickr.com are my favorites. I hope you enjoy looking at them as well.

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Field of Sunflowers

Field of Sunflowers Photo Credit: jeeprider

I have friends who grow sunflowers every year to sell for a profit. I love the look created when the entire field is in bloom. All the yellow heads rotate to face the sun, hence the name ‘sunflower’. They are amazingly majestic for being such a large flower. The birds love them too!


Purple Orchid

Purple Orchid Photo Credit: Dean Forbes

Orchids are an amazingly detailed flower. Not only are they finely sculpted in shape, but the color scheme is amazingly rich. This photo almost looks like a butterfly or other bright insect has landed on a purple flower, instead of it being entirely a single flower.


Poppies in a Wheat Field

Poppies in a Wheat Field Photo Credit: Kristel Van Loock

I can’t believe what a brilliant blue the sky is! The contrast between it and the light brown wheat is magnificent. The two little poppies add the perfect touch with their brilliant red petals. It looks like the photographer barely caught these two poppies blooming, since it looks like the rest have all gone to seed.


Elephant Topiaries

Elephant Topiaries Photo Credit: epSos.de

The family of elephants in this picture is the type that I wouldn’t mind having in my yard. I’ve always been fascinated by topiaries. The amount of time put into them, especially the ones that are made to resemble animals, requires a lot of patience.


Orange Lily

Orange Lily Photo Credit: DutchGB

Lilies are my favorite types of flowers. This color is amazing and makes me so happy when I see it. I love the individual dew drops on each petal as well. The way the flower starts off light orange at the tips of the petals and gradually gets darker is wonderful.

I’m glad the internet lets people share pictures of their gardens. It’s amazing at how many photos there are to choose from. Do you have some garden pictures that you’ve shared with others on Flickr.com? What types of garden pictures do you like best of all, flowers or vegetables?

Top Photo Credit: jeeprider

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