5 Cool Gardening Blogs ...


5 Cool Gardening Blogs ...
5 Cool Gardening Blogs ...

The internet is a haven of information about all sorts of things. I enjoy gardening quite a bit, so naturally I look for interesting things about gardening. Here are 5 cool gardening blogs that I’ve come across. I hope they provide you with some excellent information about gardening.

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This Garden is Illegal

Gardening from the point of view of a city dweller can be helpful, which is just what this gardening blog provides. This blog has been around for quite a few years and is filled with tons of gardening info that is distributed among at least a couple dozen categories. The author has a very quirky way of writing to, making this a very entertaining blog as well.


Cold Climate Gardening

This is an excellent blog for people who live in cold climates and need help with adding some greenery to their lives. Gardening takes a bit of extra effort in colder climates and this site points gardeners from these areas in the right direction. Whether they are searching for the perfect cold weather flower or information on growing peas in a cold climate, this is the place.


Sustainable and Urban Gardening

Gardening in a sustainable manner is a popular subject in this day and age. I really enjoyed what this site had to offer and it was set up in such a way that I could find information very easily. For example, as I hovered my cursor over the Plants category, the subcategories that appeared in the drop down box included; bulbs, edibles, lawns, roses, shrubs and trees, vines, and so on. Each link then took me to a new page with relevant articles and detailed facts.


Veggie Gardening Tips

For organic techniques, gardening tips for fruit, herb, or vegetable gardens, and to ask questions about gardening, this site offers plenty of detailed information. I like the way the comment section is posted along one side of the blog’s homepage. There are some great questions posed here and the author of the blog provides excellent answers to each one.


Backyard Gardening Blog

This gardening blog is filled with tons of categories, each chocked full of useful information. There are sections about the blog author and how to contact him, a link to coupons for gardening items, a link to various gardening merchants, and even a slew of tutorials.

Even if you aren’t one to read gardening blogs, they can be extremely helpful. Many of these are written by expert gardeners who have had years of experience with plants, gardening techniques, and they can answer almost any question pertaining to gardening. Do you have a favorite gardening blog that you turn to for advice? What sorts of helpful tips have you obtained from gardening blogs?

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