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5 Things You Need to Start Your Garden ...

By Aprille

Starting a garden takes more effort than heading out to the back yard and poking a seed in the ground. There are a few basic necessities that need to be taken care of first. Below, I’ve listed 5 things you need to start your garden, which may vary according to what type of garden you are interested in making.

5 Tools

Common tools for any type of gardening include; hand trowel, rake, and hoe. You might want to invest in a good pair of gloves as well, especially if you are using the large hand tools often. Hand shears are useful if you have a flower garden, since they make it easier to cut flowers and trim unruly plants back.

4 Space

You can start a garden in any kind of space, but you need to have this planned out before you can determine what type of garden you’ll have. For instance, if you don’t have an area where there is a lot of sunshine, then you’ll be better off planting a garden filled with shade-loving plants.

3 Time

Finding enough time to adequately care for your new garden can be an issue. It’s important to be able to have plenty of time to tend to the needs of your plants, in order to help them grow up happy and healthy.

2 Water Source

If you end up planting a small garden, then hauling water to it might not be too difficult. However, it does make gardening a much smoother process if you have a water source nearby.

1 Plants

Of course, you can’t have a garden without the plants. Your top priority is going to be choosing the correct plants for your garden needs. You should have everything in place and ready before you purchase your plants.

These are the 5 basics that I feel are necessary for starting a garden. Is there anything you would add to this list? Please share some ideas on what you think are needed to get a garden started.

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