5 Vegetables to Grow ...


5 Vegetables to Grow ...
5 Vegetables to Grow ...

I’m all about getting the most for my money, or in this case, the most from a single plant. I like vegetable plants that are virtually worry-free and that provide me with a continuous supply of goodies most of the summer. I’ve listed 5 vegetables to grow in your garden, how ever large it may be.

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I prefer the red or yellow peppers to the green ones. I like the taste of them better, but they all grow easily and can be planted in a container of necessary. All you have to do is water them and give them lots of sunshine. They will return you with plenty of peppers for your salad or to make stuffed peppers with.


Snow Peas

I love peas, but I like not having to shell them too. Snow peas can be eaten right off the vine, shell and all. They are so sweet and make a perfect snack. Mine usually don’t make it into the house. The kids like to pick them off the vine when they are outside playing tot, so I’m hard pressed to even get any of these during their long season.


Green Beans

There are varieties that require a pole and others grow into more of a bush form. I will choose which ever variety suits the area I’m going to plant them in. If I have plenty of room, then I’ll tie some poles together and plant the climbing type. I think these are the prettiest.



Granted, zucchini has been known to take up quite a bit of space, but they are such a great addition to the vegetable garden. One little seed will produce a plant that is absolutely covered in zucchini. I’ve made jam from these, soup, and even sliced them to dip in ranch dressing. Great snack food.



Most people plant large tomatoes so they will have the right kind to make salsa or slice for sandwiches. I really like the cherry tomatoes instead. The plants take up the same amount of room, but I find these little tomatoes to be much easier to eat. These are another garden addition that rarely make it to the house.

Even though tomatoes are technically a fruit, I still consider them to be one of the top plants in my vegetable garden. Do you have a favorite vegetable that you always make sure to plant each year? What makes it your favorite? I’d love to hear from you!

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