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5 Fragile Plants to Be Careful with ...

By Aprille

A few varieties of plants just aren’t as durable as others. Sometimes only the flowers are delicate, whereas other types are sensitive in other ways. The 5 fragile plants to be careful with are listed below. Even though they might be difficult to maintain, many people have great success with raising them.

5 African Violet

These plants do best with morning sunlight and not direct sun all day long. An easterly window is preferable. Tap water has to set in an open container for at least 8 hours to rid it of chemicals that can harm the violet. Don’t get the leaves or blooms wet when watering the plant. Extreme heat and cold cause this flower to die, so try to have an even temperature.

4 Money Tree Plant

Well drained soil that can’t retain water is needed with this type of plant; pine bark, river stones, perlite, or grit. The plant should be provided an even amount of sun and shade, with about 3 to 4 hours in each area. Too much water will cause the leaves to fall off and the roots to rot. The soil should be left to drain in between watering.

3 Venus Flytraps

The roots are very sensitive, so distilled water or rain water needs to be used. Need proper drainage and special dirt. They will die in regular potting soil. Most people use sphagnum moss with an equal amount of sand. Love lots of sun and no fertilizer. Don’t poke the sensitive hairs, unless you are placing a live fly in the trap. Eventually the plant will quit closing and die if no nourishment is received.

2 Maidenhair Ferns

The fragile fronds of this fern can easily be damaged by over-touching, extreme temps, and hard water. They need proper light and plenty of water as well. They also seem to like slightly acidic soil. Outside light should be bright and indirect or shaded. Warm room temperatures are the best, but not hot. Most ferns like moisture and humidity, but too much heat damages this fragile plant.

1 Orchids

The room temperature should range between 60 and 85 Fahrenheit. They like full morning sun, but shade the rest of the time. Leaves should be light green, when they are too dark this means the plant is not getting enough sun. Allow the soil to dry between watering. Orchids also like to be fed once a month.

These plants are fragile and very interesting. I hope this information helps you out if you are thinking about getting any of the plants mentioned above. Have you come across any other plant varieties that you’d consider to be fragile specimens? What makes them so delicate in your eyes?

Top Photo Credit: sallysue007

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