5 Reasons to Grow Pumpkins ...

By Aprille

5 Reasons to Grow Pumpkins ...

Growing pumpkins sound like a good idea. They may take some time to grow, but when you harvest them, you will be happy. I can think of 5 reasons to grow pumpkins and here they are.

5 For Halloween

Of course, growing pumpkins for Halloween would be a good idea, since they are a big symbol of Halloween.

4 Lots of Pumpkin Pie

Ask me what my favorite pie is and I will tell you that it is pumpkin pie. Imagine how much pumpkin pie you could make when you grow your own pumpkins.

3 Decoration

I always thought that during the fall months, pumpkins made beautiful decorations. I like having pumpkins sitting around the house. Plus, you will be able to make jack-o-lanterns out of them, which is fun.

2 Good Learning Experience for the Children

Growing anything is a good learning experience for children. However, pumpkins seem to be very fun to grow. Imagine your children’s face the day they harvest a big pumpkin.

1 To Sell

Some like to grow pumpkins for the extra money. I think it would be a good idea to open up a pumpkin patch and let people come in and pick out their pumpkins. All of the hard work you put into the pumpkin garden would definitely pay off.

My 5 reasons to grow pumpkins may be different from your 5 reasons. What are your reasons to grow pumpkins?

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