5 Reasons to Have a Maple Tree ...


5 Reasons to Have a Maple Tree ...
5 Reasons to Have a Maple Tree ...

As a child, I enjoyed watching the maple trees drop their seeds, which enable my sisters and I to create a game that involved trying to catch the seeds as they fell to the ground. As an adult, I’ve realized there are many other good reasons behind having maple trees in the yard. Here are 5 reasons to have a maple tree.

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They Are an Excellent Source of Shade

Even the tiniest maple tree is perfect for enjoying a good book under. Small maples tend to have fairly large leaves for their size.


They Grow Fast

I was surprised to find out how quickly maple trees went from tiny seed to knee-high sapling. These trees can easily cover a bare section of ground in no time at all.


They Add Lots of Color to the Yard

Autumn is my favorite time of year and maple trees make it that much more enjoyable. The colors produced by maple leaves add such a variety of hues to the woods. Green, orange, gold, and scarlet can all be found on a single tree during the fall season.


They Are Easy to Grow

There is very little work involved with taking care of a maple tree. As long as you remember to provide saplings with plenty of water the first two years of their life, maple trees tend to do very well.


Syrup Comes from Some Maple Trees

I’ve lived in an area where tapping a maple tree was a common thing to do in the spring when the sap began running again. There’s nothing like real maple syrup to accompany fresh pancakes in the morning.

If you have the opportunity to plant a maple tree in your yard, I hope you are able to take it. I would love to have my yard filled with maple trees, even though each tree drops tons of seeds for a long period of time. Do you already have a maple tree in your yard? What do you like most about maple trees?

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